About Lori.

One of my favorite memories as a child is laying back in the prickly lawn at my childhood home, looking up at the clouds and just wondering just how this all came to be.   How I came to be.    And wondering what was my purpose here on this earth….exactly?

By the time I was 15 , Wayne Dyer’s rich voice began blaring through the speaker’s of my parents car, and while I “tuned it out” I had clearly attracted that experience for a reason.  My soul knew.  And I would know much later, my true purpose.


That’s what I am today. For 18 years, in fact.

And while I’ve been many things along the way, including counselor, and social worker, and therapist — I’ve always been a coach.  A spiritual + business alchemist ready to partner with you,  and help you to literally turn your vision into a reality.

Listen, you’re that powerful.   And together — we’ll multiply that exponentially.

I define success by the love I feel, the contentment it brings, the transformation I see + the wealth I create. 

What about you?

So let’s get clear.  Here’s what I believe about you.

~ You are LIMITLESS.

~ You are a beautiful creator, and you have the power to shift your life and business the moment you choose to align with your power.

~  You were put on this earth with a purpose, a calling + a gift that only you can deliver, and a joy that comes when you do.

~ You have the power to partner with this beautiful Universe and create amazing shifts in your life and business.  For REAL.

~ You want 5 things:  joy, love, purpose, health + true freedom. And I believe, you can have them all.

~ And money?   Well,  that’s just energy.  And I’m be excited to help you flow more of it — if freedom of course is what you seek.

Are you an visionary, entrepreneur, coach or conscious creator?  I’d love to help you create a life and business that thrives — from the inside out.

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Curious about more? 

unsplash 50It’s much more about the journey than the degrees — but in case your curious, here are some of the deets!

I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  I was trained by Thomas Leonard of Coach University  in 1997.

I’ve taken an a heap of  training along the way, (business + marketing,  psychology + metaphysics + energy work).

I am a master level healing practitioner and I know my purpose in that was much more about creating the opening to be a conscious channel for spirit, and the fine tuning of my intuition than working as traditional “healer”.  Although, from time to time — I open that very cool toolbox.

It’s important to me that I teach you to heal yourself, and I open a space for a powerful process to occur, and for you to launch whatever your soul is calling for.

Alchemy is simple.  It’s about removing what’s not working and putting in what works.  It’s then and only then do you experience transformation.  That’s what we’ll do together — for your life, for your business.  Whatever moves you.

I’m always a student, always learning, always growing.  The day I stop doing this, is the day I stop being a coach.

The emotional spiritual side of my work is deeply rooted in the law of attraction, and my business savvy  comes from at least $30,000+ in business, sales + marketing training over the years…. and I’ve also learned from trial and error! From taking huge leaps, from having more commitment to the dream than I ever knew was possible, and to believing in my own limitlessness.

I’m an expert in LOA indeed — but also in how that translates in the real world and how that is applied in your business.  Like TRIBE attraction, ideal client creation, and relationship marketing, name a few.

Mindset, belief, inspired action, and your thought process come first — and having a rich set of biz tools is essential. Then, in all ways, the earth becomes your market place.  Looking to connect with your perfect clients?  They exist.  The world is THAT big.  (A nice place to operate from.)

The training is indeed relevant.  But I want to drive home the fact that creating the life and biz of your dreams is 95% alignment work, and 5% action.    AND –  I’ll help you rock out both.