(if you are waiting for a sign from the U, consider this the one!) 




.If you’re a lot like me…chances are you’d consider yourself a conscious creator… an on fire with desire creator of his or her own reality based on the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, the energy you BE.

You’ve got HUGE dreams that sparkle in your eyes when you wake + when before you go to sleep you can’t stop thinking about them.

You KNOW they can be yours.

And you know that creating those dreams is much more of an inside job that an external one.

You know that — it’s more important to work on your limiting belief system, than it is to get a college education or to “DO” anything first.

Your first priority….is your mind.  It’s your heart.  It’s your alignment.

You’ve seen magic happen when you tend to this….the synchronicity, the manifestatons…the stuff you just can’t make up.

Chances are…we’re speakin’ the same language if you’ve been hanging around the Manifestation 100 for a little while.


And chances are — you’re here for one of  five reasons…. (and maybe all of them!).

  1.  You want to uplevel your manifesting game… because you want more, want better + aren’t afraid to really dream UP.
  2.  You want a focused community that has a heart just like yours…and you know that together you can expand exponentially.
  3.  You want to MASTER the art of conscious creation + stop falling off the bandwagon.
  4.  You are on the EDGE of  a breakthrough and want to fully show up for you.
  5.  You know it’s YOUR time.   And you’re ready to fully invest in you.



Introducing the Manifestation 100 Masters Academy.  (The #M100 Masters Academy!)

It’s a family.  It’s a community.  And it’s a virtual space to walk into every single day that holds your alignment FOR YOU.

We uplevel.  We play big.  We expect miracles and create them.




The Manifestation 100:  One Hundred Days of Intentional Creation.  Ignite the Power of the Law of Attraction.

You’ll get a daily lesson with video – and daily focus/homework.
Each and every day, you’ve got these 100 vibe shifting lessons holding the space for your expansion + transformation.

This includes a Daily Manifesting Routine…which all by itself has the power to waves of moment in your life in just 30 days.

These start date core lesson run in tandem with the main Manifestation 100 group (in this upcoming case, May 7th!)



Recognize any of these beautiful faces?  And that’s just the half of them.

There are 17 hours of interviews in the Masters Academy, helping you gather proof of what’s possible and swiftly be inspired to put the work in motion in your own life.

These generous rockstars share their testimony AND tips on how they use the work to stay in alignment, create amazing opportunities + continue to stand in their greatness.

Each month I do 1-2 interviews….here’s just a little sampling of the Masters Academy members who’ve enlightened us with their success stories AND with their genius.





Sign up, dive in.

Here is what’s in store for you the moment you land.

1.  On Becoming One With the Universe

2.  How to Stand in Your Power

3.  The Art of Letting Go

4.  How to Deal with Fear

5.  How to Let the Universe Conspire in Your Favor

6.  The Prosperity in Forgiveness

7.  How to create SPACE (and why you need it)

8.  One FINE Tuning Your Frequency

9.  How to Detach from the Outcome

10.  The Art of Quick Shifting

11.   How’s THAT Gonna Happen?  (here’s how)

12.  11 Things you MUST Forgive Yourself For

13.   How to Conjure a FEELING

14.   How to Get Our of Your Comfort Zone While Staying ALIGNED

15.  How to Stop Resisting Change (and create more flow)

16.  Quantum Leaps Happen When…..

17.  Why + How to Become a Vibrational Match to Effortlessness

18.   To Hustle or Not to Hustle

19.  How to Build Your Wings on the Way Down (without freaking out!)

20.  How to Hold a Vision

21.  On Clutching to Your Desires (and what to do instead)

22.  On Synchronicity!



When you join the Masters Academy, you’ll be privy to an ongoing series of workshops, delivered by me in
ADDITION to the  Quantum Core M100 material, the 15+ and growing hours of  masters interviews, the 19+ and growing bonus lessons.

You can look forward to at least 4 yearly workshops, all valued at $497+ each.   I do not hold back and these WILL shift you.

What kind of workshops you ask?  Well like the one I just rolled called  Epiphany…OR the upcoming Butterfly Experiment! 



Epiphany.  Want one?  Then jump in, it’s waiting for you inside.
When you join the Masters Academy you get this totally transformational workshop…
Hot off the press.  Go for it immersion style if you wish.  😉 

You’ll learn how to open yourself to create and receive divine nudges, ignite the space to hold, the intentions to have…
the presence to become one with. Very woo.  But then again so I am.  😉   This — is how I’ve run my life, my business and one
of the KEYS to creating true wealth and prosperity.

Here’s a little love from Erin from right inside the Masters Academy
about the Epiphany Workshop… 





Let’s talk metaphors…and metamorphosis. 

Here’s what I know. 
Manifesting your most life amazing starts with transforming yourself, 
mastering the art of ALIGNMENT,  and being willing to wear the wings you were born with.

**Starts June 25th, right inside Masters Academy. 





 A bit about me. 

I’ve been coaching visionaries, creatives, possibilitarians and conscious creators for just over 20 years and have immersed myself in the study + research of conscious creation, manifesting, success + transformation. 

I’ve got a master’s degree in counseling and grateful for the depth of my “training” in this profession, which allowed me to develop perspectives + skill I needed for you today.  The U provided.

I am a Master level energy healer as well, a study I found imperative to learn how consciousness worked.  How creating your reality worked.  Because energy is energy.

I’ve had amazing coaches and mentors through my life time….from professors through my Masters program, to mentors who have taught me energy + healing, to business coaches and even my parents and grandparents were phenomenal mentors in so many ways.

I  call myself a Transformational Life + Business Coach because I use all the tools available from these 20 years of study, mentoring and coaching clients to help you create the life you want to live. 

Transformation is what you experience.  Success is the bi-product! 

I’m the creator of The Manifestation 100, mommy of 4 beautiful souls…I’m a down to earth gal  who treasures family, and sunsets…I’m in love with transformation, expansion + helping you create prosperity on all levels of your life. 





The big benefit?

You will evolve.  You will transform.  You will light up from the inside out like a star + draw into your life that which you DESIRE.

Other benefits?

~ You’ll get a rock solid education in manifesting your reality.

~ You’ll have a community to support you — the deep divers of this space — during your ups and downs.

~  You’ll create new friendships that are timeless, and soulful and real.  You’ll have a soul family.

~  You’ll shift — even if you only put your toe in the water…the energy will take you.

~  You’ll plant seeds in your consciousness that will change your life not only daily…but down the road.

~  You’ll experience magic in your life when you do the work…because the work works, period.

~  You’ll get a coach who deeply respects the love and light that you are, and won’t settle for less than your greatness.

~  You’ll start to see yourself as a powerful manifestor — and show up that way in your life.

~  You’ll manifest your GOOD.  It’s what we do here 😉








What I know is this.  After a year of running the Masters program (Now Masters Academy because I upleveled!)  We are a tribe and we are in this together.

There’s a lot of info out there that would suggest or has an undertone that you can “trick” the Universe to do your bidding with a few exercises, a few chants or some affirmations.

Perhaps those tricks work.

But they don’t work to evolve you as a human spiritual being who craves to stand in his or her POWER.

Yes…I’m pretty passionate about this.

So if you are looking for more than hype, you are in the right place.  And we band together here like a fat rainbow that stretches across the sky…it’s our TRIBE.  It’s out way.  And it’s M100 baby.

I promise, as your coach to not hold back on you.  To support you.  And to help you become all that you desire.

And I also promise that’s what you’ll get here.   A deep connected tribe, in it for the evolution of spirit and for the expansion of the LIMITLESS that you are.

So much beauty here, it’s breathtaking.



Why now?

Because there is only now.

In fact… you only create NOW.

Your vibe can’t resonate in the past, or in the future… you are just radiating your vibration and your energy NOW.

SO beautifuls….

If you don’t shift your vibe NOW….then WHEN?

When will it be time?

When will it be time to beging to vibe in your LIMITLESS CREATOR energy?

When will it be time for you to show up and ignite the power that you really are.


Now is the time.  <3



This is your invitation to enroll in the M100 Masters Academy.

It’s an ongoing program that you can cancel at anytime….

Choc full of goodness, mind blowing perspectives, and a daily structure that when you tend to it (even a little) will change your life and reality.

This spot is SACRED…and it’s yours.

Don’t miss out.  Don’t give it away.  Don’t ignore your Inner Being…she’s jumping up and down waving and you ecstatically…saying THIS THIS THIS!

How can I be sure?   Because I’m THAT sure of the program.

Here’s what you need to know.

I’m only planning on launching this program maybe 1-2 times per year.  So grab your sacred spot.

It’s your time.  Say yes to YOU.  Say yes to the Universe.  Say yes to your LIFE.





Think about your own life for a second.

What might it mean for you if you had a system to keep you in alignment?

What if you had a tool box that gave you anything you needed to handle any challenge?

What if — as you change yourself…your opportunties would shift?

What if your relationships got better?

What if you were able to take leaps in your life that you couldn’t before?

What if you LOVED yourself and learned to stand in your limitlessness as a creator of your own reality?

What if you had the courage to REALLY after your dreams?

How much would that be worth to you?


Here’s to 100% permission to dream up and dream BIG.

Your life is YOURS for the creating, and there is so much freedom in this — it’s mind blowing.

Permission. Is. Granted.



Do you have questions?   I’ve got answers.

Q:  How is this different from the free Manifestation 100 Facebook group? 

A:  While the M100 group is amazing!  The Masters Academy is upleveled.  Massively.
With 100 unique quantum core lessons, monthly videos, workshops through the year diving into topics like EPIPHANY:  How to create and access divine downloads for a dine life!   It’s a true education, experience and academy.

Q:  Is this a monthly subscription?
A:   Yes.  Today a $1, 14 day trial, and then $37 after that.
It’s my goal to always 10x your value, your experience + your expansion.

Q:  What if I want to cancel?
A:   Just send a note before your next billing cycle.

Q:  What if I can’t keep up?
A:  You won’t be able to.  Release having too.  There’s a lot here, I won’t lie.  I over deliver massively.
But you get to feel through all the extras + find what you need.  I’ll help you discover what that is if you need help just ask.
AND the daily routine + quantum core material is very consumable…daily, chunkable, 10 mins or less.

Q:  What if I miss days or trainings?
A.   You can come back to them later, or just keeping moving forward.  The  Quantum Core stays the same.

Q:  Is everything recorded?
A:  YES.

Q:  What if it doesn’t work for me?
A:   Ask in the group, or ask me.  We can help you.  And trust, because it will work.  Everything I do here I do for a REASON. There is not one lesson or one thought I do willy nilly.  All based in energy, laws and love that help to pull your life forward.

Q:  What if I don’t like it?

A:  You’ll know in 14 days if you like it or not.  Just message me, cancel anytime.

Q:  Do you have a guarantee?

A:    Yes!  100 DAYS.  Which is 100% money back guarantee on one full round of the Quantum Core, all bonuses, all workshops + all extras. If you choose to stay longer and experience the ongoing benefits of the program + community + workshops  —  I trust you know it’s for you by then 100%.




Just to recap what’s in store for you:

  • The Quantum Core:  M100 Daily Lessons/Videos in conscious creation 

  • Daily Manifesting Routine 

  • Bonuses: Full library of  M100 Masters Academy Live Streams with Lori (22 sessions + counting) 

  • Expert Interviews, Success Story Interviews (15 + counting) 

  • BONUS Workshop:  EPIPHANY:  How to Access and Create Divine Downloads for a Divine LIFE

  • BONUS Workshop:  Butterfly Experiment:  How to Align with the Power of the Universe 

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!