Your Guides

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Know this – that beyond any shadow of a doubt your broader spiritual team is always ready and waiting to help and assist you. You have Guides. Angels and Guardian.. read more

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Build Your Wings on the Way Down

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Soooo, ever find yourself just waiting? You know, waiting for the perfect time, the perfect moment to go for your dreams? You might even find yourself waiting for what you.. read more

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Energy of Delelgation

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At first glance you may not think today’s lesson and task is anything too spiritual, and you might even feel the need to skip it. Like it’s not important, or.. read more

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Joy Bringer

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What if your middle name was JOY BRINGER? Let it be that today. Go in the world as if that’s your calling. To line up with joy, be joy and.. read more


The Present is OHHHH So Perfect!

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“The place you are right now God circled on a map for you” -Ibraham Hafiz Today, be in love with the present, and know it’s perfect. It’s an operating system.. read more

What Do You Need?

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Everyone has needs, desires and wants. It’s important to tune in – figure out what you truly “need” to be at your best each day, and get that need filled… read more

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How to Create More Momentum

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Today, it’s about our beautiful friend, MOMENTUM. She is an unending, flowing river – a joyful-bursting- ever-increasing-speed lovin’-energy – and she thrives in your life when you, yourself choose ease.. read more

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Their Turn

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You know, you have to give a lot to yourself in order for there to be enough to give to another human being. Truth is, it might feel like you’ve.. read more

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Who Does This Sound Like?

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Today, meditate on this for a moment:   Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody into the.. read more

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How You Do THIS…(is how you’ll do that)

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Congratulations! You’re half way through! Which makes it a perfect “check point day.” Here’s, what I know to be true: how you do anything, is how you do everything. The.. read more