How to Build Your Wings on the Way Down

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Soooo, ever find yourself just waiting? You know, waiting for the perfect time, the perfect moment to go for your dreams? You might even find yourself waiting for what you want to manifest in your experience.

Feel the energy of that vibration. The waiting vibration. What are you creating when you focus on that? More waiting, of course.

Dr. Seuss calls that “the waiting game,” in “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” It’s on the bookshelf here at my house.

But it’s true. If you tune in, you’ll find yourself “waiting” for something.

And, when we are busy waiting, it’s easy to totally miss the opportunity RIGHT in front of you, or you might be so focused on waiting that you don’t even attract it.

Why do we wait? We wait for perfection. We wait for things to be just so. We wait until we have the guts. We wait until all puzzle pieces are perfectly lined up into place. And not that there is anything wrong with that; I suggest you meet yourself where you are. But that also means asking the questions, “Is waiting working for me?” Or, “shall I build my wings on the way down?” Or, “is right now – in this red hot moment the perfect aligned time to step into my greatness?”

Just check in with you. Is it time? Truth: there is no “aligned time.” Time does not align. But YOU do.

So, I want you to start adding to your personal operating system and to your belief system, and the perfect time is right now. Because that’s when the opportunities show up. Always, and forever in the now.

Give yourself permission to leap. To build your wings on the way down. To experiment with life. To go for it. To seize the day.

Here’s your work today: Line up your emotions and your energy with your greatness – and go for it. You’ve got today. What will that look like for you?

Write out what you’re committed to doing. No more waiting. Just wing building.


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