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The Prosperity in Forgiveness

I have found myself inspired to write on this topic on more than one occasion…. All of us, at some point in our lives have felt the desperate inner turmoil.. read more

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Join me for the Manifestation 100!

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How does 100 days of intentional manifestation sound? Join me for The Manifestation 100! 聽Click below to register 馃槈    

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This haunts me from time to time.聽聽 Like a聽 ghost I don’t believe in. One of my business mentors told me if I didn’t write weekly, at the same time.. read more

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Why Be Brave?

Today I was聽brave. 聽No, I did not walk across coals, nor did I jump out of an airplane. 聽But — I did do something that required me to stop buying.. read more

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Rivers of Momentum ~ 4 Ways to Flow It!

When I was a little girl I would stick my toes in the little creek that ran near our house, and quietly watch the cool flow聽 meander over my feet,.. read more

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Intention Sparking

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve written “2013” out about a hundred times already, doh!聽 On checks, on letter head, you name it!聽 Funny how long it takes to.. read more

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The Art of Receiving

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It’s so easy to give to others, isn’t it?聽 Far too often we find it difficult to be on the receiving end of the exchange.聽 Or don’t realize we’ve not.. read more

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#Hashtag Grateful

Your Facebook news feed might look like mine…and it’s lovely.聽 It gives me the warm fuzzies + reminds me of the power of appreciation + gratitude.聽 Not just at Thanksgiving.聽.. read more

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The Power of Flowing First

I’m all for the notion that you need not “reinvent the wheel”.聽 It’s a belief that can serve you, with the right spin. But usually —聽 along with that belief.. read more

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Drill Breaking + Life Making

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You know the drill.聽 YOUR drill. It’s the way you do most things, most days… most of your life.聽 It’s starts, from the moment you jump out of bed +.. read more