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On Limitlessness: 5 Gateways to Greatness

Limitlessness.  Not a very concrete topic to describe, or much less write a “how to” article on how to get there.   It’s a feeling.  An energy.  A potential.  A love. .. read more

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Got Naysayers? (how to stay true to you + keep the glass half full)

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You’ve got a dream.  It’s a really great dream.  You are inspired, you know it’s big. It almost seems unreachable, but somewhere in your heart you just know this is.. read more

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Change Your Inner Rule Book (to play a bigger game)

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I’m sitting at the little league field a lot these days (again!).  It’s got me thinking about games….and a lot about the game of life, your inner game + how.. read more

Land in Your Lap Effortless (the how to’s)

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This is as much an event as it is a place that you are coming from, in your heart of hearts. A  few weeks ago I wrote “Land In Your.. read more


Infinite Do-Overs (you get ’em!)

Standing in the middle of the backyard, holding possibility in my hand,  I wound back to pitch a long rolling ball to my little brother. As it left my finger.. read more

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4 Fatal Fears

Today, I want to talk to you about that “thing” that holds you back from what youwant…. that thing that gets in the way and sabotages your deepest desires and.. read more

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Are You Missing Opportunity? (the Quiz)

How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.” ― Paulo Coelho We’ve all felt like we’ve missed them…opportunities that is.  We live, we learn + say,.. read more

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Abundance is a Feeling

Your abundance vibe can get a little foggy sometimes…it just does. That’s life.  Clouded by negative beliefs, ego-ic perspective, and well, experiences of scarcity you deem to be true. The.. read more

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6 Signs It’s Time To Step UP!

Do you know the feeling… when you just know it’s time to “step up” in life?  You can feel your spirit has expanded, but you haven’t—yet. There you are, sitting.. read more

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Releasing Fault + Freeing Yourself

You might find yourself vacillating between two familiar points in life… One is feeling responsible for everything in your life,  including your loved ones, your clients, your partners  (ie, having.. read more