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19 Lies Your Ego Tells to Keep You Safe (and staying small)

I sat there in my office chair for 15 eternal minutes…my finger shaking as I hovered my mouse over the SEND button…just SICK to my stomach. I couldn’t do it… read more

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Energy of Delelgation

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At first glance you may not think today’s lesson and task is anything too spiritual, and you might even feel the need to skip it. Like it’s not important, or.. read more

How To Pull Up Your Bootstraps (and get what you want!)

You may or may not appreciate this right now… (so at the risk of sounding potentially un-sweet)…for goodness sake,  pull up your bootstraps. There is nothing you can not be,.. read more

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A New Day, A New Blog + A New Beginning

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I started my life coaching practice by in 1998 – just 6 months after my husband and I tied the knot (in Jamaica I might add!). Just a year before.. read more