Take a deep dive into the waters of  you,
with the support you need to create a life and business you’ll LOVE.



If  you intuitively know high immersion + personal attention is what your soul is calling for, and you want to give your life the full attention it deserves, then 1:1 or group coaching deserves some exploration.

Together we’ll take a stand for your dreams, your hopes +  your aspirations.  We’ll transform your challenges, go farther than you’ve gone before, make your life beautiful + your business soar.

If you are ready to:
~  Release scarcity consciousness + uplevel your WEALTH + your WORTH
~  Align with the “big dream” + manifest the path to it
~  Open yourself to receive + allow your good
~  Step into your limitlessness, create freedom + wake up in joy
~  Release old stories that hold you back (and write new ones!)
~  Embrace a new found sense of certainty + trust in self
~  Nail the laws of creation + make a plan to work with them consciously
~  Turn up the dial and start making the money you want.

Then let’s talk.


Connect with me, and we’ll explore working together through a breakthrough session!  Just CLICK HERE. 


PS.  Curious about how you just might go about working with me?  Check out the basic options below, and inquire about special or current programming.


transformation mastery 2When you dive into the Transformation Mastery Program — you’ll be working with me privately, 1:1 for 6 months.

You’ll get my 100% focused attention on the nooks and crannies of your life and business. Thoughts, beliefs, systems, and biz structures are all foundational to creating a life you LOVE, one that holds the freedom you’ve been craving.

The result?  Transformation (self + soul + business).  More freedom
(money + time).  Joy (will naturally evolve.)  And LOVE (because you’ve loved yourself this much.)

What’s next?  Apply for your free initial breakthrough session, right here.



sync mastermind 2The Synchronicity Mastermind is a group coaching program  —  geared to help you align with your Inner Being and with the phenomenon + beautiful intelligence we call synchronicity.

Synchronicity is one of the most overlooked keys to enjoying the miraculous manifestation of  your dreams and desires, so I created this group mastermind to help you get up to speed with YOU, and creates more synchronicity and magic in your life!!

The result?  More magic.  More alignment.  More inspired action than you’d take on your own.   And a Sync Tribe who have each others back for life, who hold intentions for one another, + a group experience that ignites your dreams like never before. 

Sync Mastermind is offered 3 times per year, each session is 3 months long.   Space is limited to 12 per session.  Click here to learn more.


vip day immersionSometimes your life or business calls for an IMMERSION.   It’s where you and I blaze a trail for GREATNESS to unravel, and massive life shifts to unfold — no matter what your goal.

In addition to spending ONE entire day with me via Skype or in person,  you’ll get a pre-immersion session to set the stage, clarify goals + intentions, and help me customize your personal retreat.

We’ll wrap up the following week with a closing session, geared to help you seal the deal of the work we’ve done, and make a clear plan for your future.

What kind of intensives are available?  Business, Prosperity + Personal Transformation.   I’ll personally craft your retreat after our initial discussion.

Serious inquiries only please.   Apply for a breakthrough session right here.