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Joy Bringer

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What if your middle name was JOY BRINGER?

Let it be that today. Go in the world as if that’s your calling. To line up with joy, be joy and bring JOY.

It’s a conscious choice.

You know – life gets in the way, and we don’t always feel joyful. We don’t always feel like impacting the life of other’s because we are too busy dealing with our own. But what if I told you, bringing JOY to someone else could be the best thing you could do for your own life as well?

It’s a conscious choice, and magical up-spiraling of your energy. It’s from this aligned place that miracles – on both ends – may occur.

So, I invite you to invite your inner child in, your inner being to the party (they are already there – so invite yourself)! And then simply bring joy.

Ask yourself, where can I bless this earth, make someone laugh – where can I show up with a smile on my face and with intention light up someone’s life? Where can I offer to infuse my good feeling vibration, my light into theirs? Where can I bless them, and I touch them with my light, joy and love? Where can I be an uplifted?

This manifestation work is all about being the love you are; and when you line up with JOY, you are that, the love you are.

Now, you’ll either intuitively know how you can be a JOY BRINGER, or you’ll attract a way.

Below, share with us how this unfolded! (It will, it always does.)

Write this: “Today, JOY BRINGER is my middle name. First name-JOY BRINGER-last name. (Like this, Sally Joy Bringer Jones) Here’s the story of my joy bringing, and this is how I felt… XYZ”


Watch the video: https://youtu.be/GpMfa4xktNU