Prosperity Consciousness is Your Superpower.
 Manifest the Freedom You Want... 
(and let the Universe Conspire in Your Favor)

Hey there Conscious Creator.....
You're not alone if you feel like your wheels are spinning.

Like you've pulled out all the stops and your STILL in the same place as you were 3 months ago.  A year ago...  

Maybe even 5 years ago.

Here's the truth...  prosperity is an inside job.  


In fact... it requires a certain kind of thinking to make the shift. 

What's that kind of thinking called? 


And it goes beyond just's a choice to cultivate a belief system that serves you, your life...and your money... on all levels. 

Yes, indeed.  It's your superpower.   

As you think, so shall you create.  

Can You Relate? 
There's nothing worse than those long silent nights...

When you can't think of anything else but the bills...the money... the lack....

And it's not only about the money.  

It's just FEAR.  

Of not having enough, making enough or BEING enough. 

What is this roller coaster of thought and emotion?! 

And you just CAN'T shut your BRAIN OFF. 

Worry. Unrest. Fear of the future.

Sounds like this.... (there's never enough, I'm not enough. What if the worse happens? Gotta work hard to make the money. Gotta work my fingers to the bone. What if it doesn't work out!? You COULD lose it all. Remember that hardship you had -- don't forget it. We need to keep you on your toes...)

Your brain... has been wired for scarcity consciousness... and it's not your fault. 

In's the human journey. 

You finally drift off to sleep.....  

You wake in the morning and reground yourself.

You do the daily grind... and you settle your monkey mind....

Life is good. You have what you need. Makin’ it. You’re standing on your own two feet.

But something is just missing.... you want more. (and you'd rather not have another night like last night, ever again.) 
 Imagine This....

You wake up + stretch from your core to your toes….take a nice deep breath in and know that today is yours for the asking....

.......for the creating!

That’s right. 

You get to create your world exactly as you desire +  dip your bucket into the river of abundance + fill up anytime you’d like.

Prosperity is oozing from every nook + cranny of your consciousness, and because it’s there… it fills your life as well.

"What would I like to create today?"  you ask yourself. 

Sound like paradise?   

It CAN be... when you live and operate from prosperity consciousness…

When you rewire your brain, shift your thoughts + ignite a personal operating system that serves you. 

It’s your life.... and when you take out what’s NOT working and put in what works, you transform. 

And so does your money. 

It’s time to cultivate it, become it + change your reality.  Because if not now, when? 
You're invited to the Prosperity Tribe! 
About Lori 
I’m Lori Hamann. 

I’ve been coaching visionaries, creatives, possibilitarians and conscious creators for just over 19 years.

I'm the creator of The Manifestation of 4 children...and I've immersed myself in the study of energy, the Law of Attraction, success principals...

Chances are – we are a lot alike, and if you’ve landed here, you might feel right at home.

I came to this work because of my enormous desire to help others transform their life...  I have an wavering belief in transformation + in your ability to create the life you want to live. 

It’s my intention to impact generations to come because together we’ve made prosperity consciousness the new norm.   

It's time to live a life of truth isn't it?  That's freedom.  

I believe that’s possible. And probable. For me, it starts right here, with you,
with us.
This Universal Truth Won't Change, Ever.   
Here's what I know...

When you shift, life shifts.   That's an undeniable Universal truth. 

Why is that?  Well... simply put... everything is energy.  

And your thought and emotion is JUST.  THAT.  POWERFUL.   

When you make a choice to nurture prosperity put YOUR own personal growth and development before anything else... when you truly LOVE you + stand in your power as the creator of your reality....

The life you dream about is not only a's a probability. 

What do you dream about?  

In Tribe.... we'll support you in having it all.  

TRUE PROSPERITY is creating what you desire in love, joy, purpose, health AND freedom. ALL LEVELS. 

It's not just about the money.  But in Tribe you learn to powerfully align with money so you create more of it, with ease... and with less stress. 

The Universe is conspiring in your favor... and Tribe offers you a chance to conspire back!  To say YES to your life.  (and the Universe!)   

To show up.  To align.  To love yourself in a way that you've never before....  

We hold the space for huge leaps, huge transformation + allowing the beautiful synchronicity to will unfold in your life because you are doing the work + creating a practice that will shift your entire life. 

Kind words from clients....
“I emerged from my time with Lori as an amazingly happy person. The happiness was radiating from my soul, I glow! I have goals, dreams and plans now that excite me. I look forward for each and every day. My "manifestor" is tuned up and humming perfectly now.”

Lori Stillman.
In working with Lori Hamann I have been transformed from the depths of my soul through my heart and mind in ways that I am not recognizable from my old self. I have released countless old negative patterns and thought processes that no longer serve me and replaced them with behaviors and practices that serve the highest and greatest good. I have a “tool box ” loaded with a new vocabulary and ideas, and methods garnered from coaching with Lori at my disposal to use when ever need to keep me in aligned action. 

Since joining the Prosperity Tribe I have had my second biggest month of income ever!”

Dennis Seeb
“I’m not sure if I can accurately communicate my appreciation in words for all that you’ve provided in my life. You have helped me develop my own mental / emotional /subconscious anchor, and have provided me with a framework that is so flexible that it both grounds my self and inspires my soul.”

Glenn Brubaker
“You transformed my world the first time I talked to you. I didn’t start coaching with you for some time, but in our first consultation, you changed my entire perspective and made me see my role in where I was standing.”

Dana Boyle LaPoint
“Thanks to Lori Hamann, I have been able to create my life. I have learned the awesome skills of manifestation and how to see the signs with synchronicities. Love seeing all the signs. Asking the universe for one more and it really happens. I have a better mind set and improved health as well. My life has completely changed for the absolute better after meeting Lori…

Dr. Kaylene Christensen
“Having the experience of working with Lori in a small group, personal setting was incredible. She shares her gifts and talents in such a way that you feel you can achieve anything and everything you desire in life.”

Anne Baader

“I was changed from the 1st meeting. The beautiful way that she coaches is so comforting that I felt right at home with her and the group. I found that I not only learned about myself and my own thought processes and what I needed to change but from each of the others in the group….the things that they would talk about would sync up with something I hadn’t even been aware of in me! This happened each and every time someone else spoke. It was truly amazing and an eye opener.”

Debbie Collins
I’m very happy and grateful for having the opportunity to be connected with Lori, she has been a blessing to my life. As a member of the Prosperity Tribe I have enjoyed and benefited so much from her coaching and energy work she provides to the group. When I begin with the Prosperity Tribe my income was just enough to get by.
Dec 2016 a buyer contacted me to help find her next home. We found the perfect home and closed in Jan 2017. Contract purchase price $1,100,000. My largest commission sales for just one transaction.

Thanks Lori, Yes thank you Universe 1 more please!

Terry Gaston
“Lori Hamann delivers beyond expectations with The Prosperity Tribe. When I joined the tribe, I was “new” with the concept of aligning and deliberate creation. Lori is a master! She is gifted in delivery of a process and encouragement to each of us and has created a tribe of enthusiastic participants who support and cheer each other along!What a beautiful gift this is to each of us. I so appreciate this tribe, what I am learning about myself, the connection I have to us and me, as I explore the magic of conscious creation!
When I began with the tribe, my new business was off to a slow financial start. Since participating in the tribe, I have launched new offerings to individuals that have been purchased, landed a paid speaking engagement and secured inroads into the corporate market. $ flows where intention flows! Woo Hoo!

Lynn Lambrect
"The Prosperity Tribe is part of my self-love routine, it is the gift I give to myself. In the energy of love, friendship, support and the incredible mentoring, coaching and healing energy of Lori, I've been able to release lifetimes of scarcity patterns, fears of unworthiness and step into my own shoes of being a limitless, prosperous, abundant, loving co-creator !!!

 It's an amazing experience and I feel so blessed to have found Lori and this tribe of like minded, soul connected loving creators helping each other, building each other up. The Prosperity Tribe is unique and truly a rare gem in the world of spiritual growth! I love you beyond measure dearest Lori, muwah! xoxoxoxoxoxo"

Charlotte Kimball
What's In Store....
 I’ll be offering you a live, interactive masterclass so you’ll get the knowledge base you need to create the prosperity you want.

We’ll explore those BIG money and prosperity blocks, and from here create the shifts you need to move forward. Your thinking will change. Your operating system will be overhauled. You’ll be immersed in prosperity consciousness, and from this place create more of it — because as you know, what you focus on grows.

It’s time to make prosperity your dominant thought, your main operating system.

You’ll consistently activate the standing in your most powerful shoes as a Creator. I’ll teach you how to consciously create a “prosperity partnership” with your Inner Being, and you’ll learn how to connect to the broadest sense of your worth to you can create more wealth.

You’ll create more consistency. The biggest downfall in conscious creation efforts is lack of consistency and the support you need to create it. You’ll develop a daily prosperity practice that serves YOU.

AND — you’ll have a beautiful TRIBE. A circle of people just like you, who hold the same intentions as you, who want more freedom, more money, and more wealth from a place of WORTH. This, is a sacred power circle.

Energy Work
You’ll get live energy work, which will do some of the “heavy lifting” for you. (especially if you are in a vibrational or emotional jam)

This is a favorite among Tribe members!

This energy work is based on an ancient Tibetan healing system...I help you release what's not working and put IN what works. 

We’ll infuse a powerful prosperity consciousness that will serve you, support your broader work + clear blocks like poverty consciousness, ancestral belief systems that are rooted in scarcity, so you are free to create the wealth you want.

The Roundtable
We gather for “The Roundtable”. It’s a place to connect, to share and to focus on what’s working. It’s a place to upspiral, to grow relationships and to fill your cup. 

Get coaching, be coach, offer perspective to others. Conversation is around wins, syncs, expansion, mindset, prosperity consciousness… what’s working…. and your Bold Action Money Game.
Private Facebook Community
The Prosperity Tribe will have it’s own private group on Facebook to interact with one another, to chat about the work, the games, expansions and the VISIONS unfolding.

Yes, the tribe is amazing 🙂

Connections? Priceless.
The Bold Action Money Game
You know, I love a good money game. It stimulates the flow of energy in your experience — and when done with a collective group it raises the vibration of the entire group exponentially. Dollar drops, money mantra’s, prosperity games to expand you — and your wallet.

Your prosperity work is NOT complete without BOLD INSPIRED ACTION. When you come to this group, you’ll be infused with the philosophy, spirituality, energy work AND the bold action money game completes the puzzle.

Here’s the thing — energy in motion stays in motion! The Bold Action Money Game will help you move beyond your fears, redefine your limits + FUEL your manifesting mojo beyond any action you’ve every taken before.

7 Money Mantras that will Change the Way Your Prosper
Sometimes we are looking for the WORDS to activate + attract prosperity.  Here they are!  

You know one of the reason affirmations don't work is because you can't feel them.  Let me help you get into the FEELING place and activate prosperity consciousness + rewire your brain, your energy + your life for more prosperity.  

The Prosperity Challenge 
I know you all loved the Challenge — and those videos have all been tucked away for you.
Yes the mojo is insane. YES — the energy is always amazing. Tap in anytime you like!

 Join Now! 

FOR JUST $99 per month.

(Billing will occur each month, every 30 days, cancel at any time.)  

1. Masterclass

2. Energy Work

3. The Roundtable

4. Private Facebook Group

Bonus: The Bold Action Money Game!
Bonus: Full Access to the Prosperity Challenge 
Bonus:  7 Money Mantras that Will Change the Way You Prosper

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Join the Prosperity Tribe today.... you've got everything to gain.

Truth is, we all want 5 things. Love, health, purpose, joy + freedom. Creating prosperity, creates FREEDOM.  And not just time freedom, financial freedom + personal security.
When you create true financial freedom, yes, you can fund the life of your dreams, but how would you like to GIVE BACK to others + this earth in a way you didn’t ever dream possible?

That’s my mission, and I want that kind of freedom to be a choice for all of you too.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!


PS. This is of the biggest gifts you can give your LIFE. In essence you are choosing FREEDOM, versus hoping that freedom will someday choose you. And, I want you to have more of anything you desire. More prosperity. More ease, choices and opportunity. Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got!  This is YOUR time.
2017 Lori Hamann