Daily Manifesting Routine.

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So!  You’re rockin’ out with us at The Manifestation 100.   Awesome!  A Beautiful choice to stand in your power, and create the freedom you desire + deserve.   Now, while we do a LOT of things there….let’s talk about this tool.

It’s the Daily Manifesting Routine… and it’s foundational.

You’ll notice it’s a more of a “come from” than a to-do list. (And never make it a to-do list! Perhaps a “want-to-do” or a “get-to-do” list would be perfect.)

There is a reason I created this daily manifesting routine to be THIS.  And trust me, it works.   When done every day, when made a practice…you lay the foundation to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Let’s begin.

1. Practice Deep Self Love and Appreciation:

Becoming a powerful manifestor is about coming home to the love you are, and about choosing to stand in your most powerful shoes as a creator.

When you practice deep self-love and appreciation, (and tag it as such, see below) you become a vibrational match to love.

And I ask you…. What can LOVE not do? What can love not create?

Exactly. There isn’t anything that LOVE cannot do.   Hence when you practice being the love you are….there isn’t anything YOU cannot be, do or have.

This is the key that opens the doors, lights you up and has the power to flow magnificent abundance in your life. It will transform you if you let it. If you go deep enough.

If you are brave enough to let go of all that you are not.

Abraham Hicks says, “Appreciation of self and the appreciation of others is the highest vibrational match to Source energy than anything we’ve seen anywhere in this entire Universe.”

As a coach, let’s just say I’ve seen the power of this now thousands of times.

What does deep self-love and appreciation look like?

It looks like:

Breathing in sunsets. Taking a bath every night before bed. Meditation. Time for personal growth (more than you think you need). Believing in your greatness, and being it.

Being brave. Listening to your intuition. Reading because it feels good. Making a choice to find a better thought. Taking the time to find a perspective that serves you.

Listing everything you appreciate about yourself. Being gentle with yourself. Mustering more perseverance than you’ve ever known.

Taking care of your physical body. Eating well and giving your body the best of the best. Moving your body, and challenging and pampering it.

Expanding your skill-set. Allowing creativity to flow through you. Release self-judgment. Investing in yourself. Permission to put yourself first, finally. Saying no.

Saying YES. De-clutter, all levels. 100% Responsibility. Sitting on your patio, in the sunshine, for breakfast. Getting your nails done. Hiring a personal someone for something.

Taking leaps. Giving yourself time. Letting go of other people’s actions. Stop personalizing. Stop judging. Creating a reserve of LOVE and time and money.

Believing that everything is energy, and life is fluid. Believing that you are WORTHY of it all. Treating yourself like the God/Goddess within that you are.

Seeing yourself through God/Universe’s eyes. Realizing that WHO you are is not what you DO. Being willing to know the essence of yourself. Remembering that bliss is a choice.

(The list goes on, and on, and on doesn’t it )

Can you choose deep self-love your way, every day? Will you? To do so is a powerful step.

Let’s talking about the concept of “tagging”.  It’s my way of asking you to label the self love you choose.   It’s like putting a post it note in your brain.

You say to yourself, “I do this in the name of deep self-love and appreciation.”

And then do that thing….and feel it to your core.  This is a choice to attach a label of self-love to your activity or thought.

Over time you create new beliefs, new associations and a solid foundation of love and worth.

Would you like an example?

“I’m setting boundaries in the name of deep self-love and appreciation.”

Or, “I’m taking this bath in the name of deep self-love and appreciation.”

Or, “I’m watching this sunset in the name of deep self-love and appreciation.”

Or, “I’m creating time for me…”

Or, “I’m following through….”

Or, “I’m hiring help in the name of deep self-love and appreciation.”

Or, “I’m doing my transformation work the name of deep self-love and appreciation!”

Or, “I’m standing in my power as the creator of my reality, in the name of self love and appreciation!”

Every time you acknowledge or seek proof and find it, you create a new operating system. I want to help you create one that strengthens your WORTH.

Remember,  your worth is your foundational vibration, and the place from which your life is created.

In the name of deep self-love and appreciation – what will you choose?

2. Meditation:

There are several ways that you can engage in the process of meditation. You can choose a quiet sitting meditation, or a guided meditation of your choice.

Meditation stops the “chatter” and allows you to line up with your GOOD, the TRUTH, the LOVE. No matter what – meditate.

Meditate 15 minutes a day and increase if you desire.

P.S. You don’t have to be perfect at it, in any way, shape or form.

3.  Visualization:

What you focus on grows. What you think about you bring about. Can you visualize what you most desire, what you most dream of, the FEELING PLACE of abundance, wealth or health for just 68 seconds?

That’s all you need. A little conscious focused energy every day, goes a long way, and according to Abraham-Hicks, holds more creative power than a 1000 action hours.

Can you imagine moving the energy required for 1000 action hours in your mind’s eye? In just 68 seconds? Visualization is that powerful.


4.  Detach from the Outcome:

Release it, and know its coming.

“Let go” – but don’t let go of your focus.  Can you hold both places at the same time?  Tricky, I know.  But it’s totally doable … and a muscle you need to get good at flexing.

This one is about trust. Visualize, imagine, create, intend from love and positive expectation and belief.

And of utmost importance: Hold your intentions DEAR versus tight. Holding tight = is an energetic match to scarcity, holding dear = is an energetic match prosperity.


5.  Revel in Synchronicity!

That’s right. Pay close attention. There is nothing sweeter than the magical unraveling of events and perfection in your life. Nothing more exhilarating than the sacred signs that show up along the way, intuitive hunches, and happenings in your life that you “just can’t make up.” Nothing more awesome than WINKS from the Universe. Do yourself one favor– REVEL in it! I use this word very intentionally. There is bliss available to you here. As you focus on the magic, more magic shows up. Do you want more of that? Don’t miss this piece.


6.  Take Inspired Action:

Yes, you’ll need to take action.

You get the most juice out of action when you’re INSPIRED – but based on what I’ve experienced, energy in motion stays in motion.

Action, if you let it, can CREATE the very inspiration you’re seeking, and be a gateway to the inspiration you’ve been hoping for – so don’t wait for it. Ask for it.

“What would I do right now, if I were inspired?” or “Inner being – I’m opening myself up for some inspiration please!”

Indeed, action creates higher belief in yourself, reveals stepping stones along the path, and is needed to create motion in this very physical plane.

So don’t wait for it. Go for it.  Be brave.  Be bold.


7.  Be Ready and Open to Receive:

That means consciously open yourself to receiving.  Open your mind, your heart + know you are deserving.  Know you were BORN deserving.

Say it with your words. Feel it in your body.

And let anything go (beliefs, thoughts, scarcity) that is not a MATCH to the energy of receiving. This is a feeling place – open yourself to what life and love have to offer you, as you create WITH it.
These 7 simple steps are a core piece of the Manifestation 100, and is essential to creating alignment in your heart and manifestations that you’ll love in your life.


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