Your Guides

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Know this – that beyond any shadow of a doubt your broader spiritual team is always ready and waiting to help and assist you.

You have Guides. Angels and Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, a Divine Spiritual Team – call them what you like – the fairies of the Universe are all around you 24/7.

You have them (and you are ONE with them, which is another topic)!

MY Guides nudged me yesterday to remind you of YOURS, just in case you ever feel alone – in case you’re seeking higher counsel – in case you need guidance and direction – just in case you need support, like right now – just in case you need to be shown who it is you are – and just in case need you need to know you are loved, eternally.

Today, you get to have a private conversation with your Divine Team.

Ask what needs asking, say what needs saying – just take a moment, turn your attention to them, and connect.

That’s all it takes. That’s it. You will feel them. Write you experience fully, and share if you desire on the forum.


Watch the video: