100% Responsibility Model

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You might find yourself vacillating between two familiar points in life.

One is feeling responsible for everything in your life, including your loved ones, your clients, and your partners. The other is not wanting to take responsibility for anything (i.e., I didn’t ask for this, nor did I create it, life happens to me!)

If you’re like most, you find yourself ping ponging back and forth, hanging out in- between these two places – unsure of what you are truly “responsible” for as you set out to create your life.

What’s mine? What’s yours? What’s theirs?

And, here’s the scoop – if you aren’t really sure, the path to success gets a little cloudy, and more difficult. So let’s create some clarity.

Try this on for size: “I’m responsible for my life, period. What it looks like, what I create, what I experience, how I react, how I emote, how I communicate, how I think, how I behave and what I believe.” Yes, all of it.

Feel yourself in that space. It’s a match to abundance. It’s powerful. Taking responsibility is about stepping into your own personal power, rather than being at FAULT. “My life, is my fault.” Wrong. “My life, 100%, is my responsibility.” Correct.

I suggest you release faulting, and fault finding and finger pointing completely. Either in self AND/OR others. It only sets you up to hold some seriously toxic energy when you do, and toxins aren’t good for anyone on multiple levels.

The Shifts

  1. Acknowledge that the experience of your life, all of it…is YOURS.

  2. Remember that no one can live for you, respond for you, or feel for you.

  3. Get excited about the fact that you get to take credit for it all (much more power here)

  4. Stop judging anything about YOU as a failure.

  5. Eliminate excuses – underneath your excuses is “faulting” energy.

Today: Release FAULT. Step into a 100% responsibility model. Write in your journal or in our forum about releasing how you release fault and take responsibility. Today: Release FAULT. Step into a 100% responsibility model. Post below about what that will look like for you personally.

Need a tee up? Today I release FAULT on all levels, and take 100% responsibility for XYZ (be specific and list it) – I AM FREE.

I release all fault, and step into 100% responsibility for my life and what it looks like. It’s all good. There are no faults here, just beautiful responsibility.

Need an example?

I am responsible, yes. Responsible for the house, all the clutter and my experience of my kids’ bedrooms. The basement, my storage, the garage, I own the experience of it, even though it feels like his place, I create and I own it all. Why not? It’s something I’ve attracted an experience of. It’s mine. I OWN IT. Responsible for feeling overwhelmed sometimes and making more of things than need be. Responsible for my reactions, my sensitivity, and where I place my attention. Responsible for my guilt – the have to’s I place upon myself – and unwinding it. For any and all resistance I have to being vulnerable. For labeling myself as an introvert when it’s convenient. To writing this post. To being real. Responsible for what’s on my vision board, for my alignment, for my decision to meditate or not. Responsible for my “klutzy” vibration. Responsible for my entire experience.

Responsible for my JOY. For 4 amazing children I birthed into this world (well, half responsible). For my relationships with all of them. For the abundance I flow and the prosperity I create. For the LUCK I create. For the magic that happens. Take total responsibility for the house I live in, the car I drive, the kind and loving marriage I live in, for the “stuff” I manifest – from the little to the big – I own it. From this place I AM FREE and powerful to create. 100% responsibility baby.

If you create it ALL you can HAVE IT ALL.

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