4 Fatal Fears That Sabotage Your Efforts + Steal Your Freedom

You’ve still got a monster under your bed.   Lurking.  Ready to jump out and get ‘cha.

And you know it’s there…. it keeps you up at night.  It holds you back from doing the things you WANT to do with your life.  It keeps you on EDGE.  It sabotages your BEST EFFORTS to create the success and life you want to live.

This monster?  FEAR.

They say that fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real”, right?  (I have a love/hate relationship with acronyms)

Well…let’s face it.  It feels real.

And for all practical purposes it’s as real as the coffee I’m drinking right now.

Fear is the feeling state created by the ego to essentially keep you safe, and out of harms way.  It’s basic survival stuff.

Now, while fear of bungee jumping, flying, spiders, and small places could certainly apply here….

Let’s talk about more about those soul sucking + business sabotaging fears that run like a quiet undercurrent through your life –  and has HUGE wave like impact on your ability to create success on any level. 

So, the other day I was talking to this brilliant client of mine who is gearing up + making a some amazing changes in his business.

Nothing too crazy…nothing earth shattering.  No bungee jumping.  Just uncharted territory.

He said…”It’s hard to move forward when I’m afraid.”

I asked, “Have you done anything scarier than that ?”

He replied with a laugh, “Well, I’ve walked across coals….. thanks for the perspective!”


Not only can fear be an undercurrent that disrupts your life, but that undercurrent can  keep you unconsciously disconnected from taking action.

The way OUT of fear is through….  You move through fear in a number of ways, but first you gotta become aware of your fear… and then reframe it.

Let go of these 4 fears and you’ll be on your way, big time.

(Believe it or not…for many of us, these fears are much worse than walking across hot coals!!)

1. Fear of criticism — I know.  Standing in the light of judgment and criticism isn’t any fun.  However, we are more afraid of what we think others will think — which in truth is your own criticism of yourself, right?  It’s called projection, and it’s based on fear, illusion, and down right lies you tell yourself so you don’t have to step into your brilliance.  The ego likes to keep the status quo, nice and safe…

2.  Fear of failure — Let’s just get right to the point.  There is no failure, only experience, only experimenting, and only opportunity for growth and expansion.  Failure is only perceived through the eyes of the ego… so shift to your heart and ask how you’ve changed, what you’ve learned, and what you want to create next if you are deeming where you are at “failure”.  Release the belief that failure is an option, and embrace your worth.

3.  Fear of looking bad — Ok, this one is hard to admit, but it can really “run” you subconsciously.  We don’t want to be seen as stupid or unattractive, or any other thing we deem as “bad”….this directly correlates to fear of criticism doesn’t it.  Think about your day –  how many times did you go here?   Be honest, this is a hard one.

4.  Fear of the unknown — Stops us in our tracks….and the truth is, sometimes you just don’t know.  Even when you think you know, you don’t.  Life offers you loads of raw material to work with in your life, and if you knew it all — what fun would that be? Don’t let the fear of the unknown muddy up your flow.  Allow the “unknown”  to excite you… to be the next chapter of your juicy novel… to be your spring board into faith and trust and detachment from the outcome.  Good things in store.  Make that your mantra.    🙂

Here’s your work.  Stay conscious, shift your mindsets and beliefs and allow these tips to help you go from FEAR… to FOCUS and FREEDOM.

What are your thoughts?  Do any of these grab you from time to time?  Let me know your thoughts + leave me a comment below.