6 Signs It’s Time To Step UP!

Do you know the feeling… when you just know it’s time to “step up” in life?  You can feel your spirit has expanded, but you haven’t—yet.

There you are, sitting on the couch with big dreams and a huge feeling of purpose behind you, yet the most you can get yourself to do is open the potato chips.

Yikes.  Stepping up is scary.  I’ve been there!  🙂

What does it mean to step up?

It means to step up into a bigger game, a bigger calling, and a bigger mission.  (Advance in the direction of your dreams!)   And don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you have to get a job, run for president, or become a rock star.

A bigger game may simply be a bigger commitment to you, on some level of your life.  It may be a bigger game of self love.  Of personal growth.  Of stepping up into your worth – emotionally and financially.

The good news is, YOU define what that means…. but one thing I know for sure is – Life wants you to step up. 

Life offers you a wonderful container for this very thing.  It gives you a platform to exercise your brilliance.  It wants you to live to the fullest, joyfully embrace the journey, and dance like no one’s watching.

Whether you like it or not, Life is your dance partner and she’s coming for you… with a big smile across her face and an endless amount of energy.  She is ready to tango, waltz, and dirty dance… but the question is, are you willing?   Yes… I know.   Vulnerability can grab you, but there is really nothing to be afraid of.

So let’s make this bigger.  The key here is to not just keep up and dance with Life… but to keep up with YOU, and step up with your ever expanding essence.

You have so many excuses, and unintentionally put a bushel basket over your LIGHT.  You say:  “I can’t, it’s too hard, and I’m not good enough.”   Or, “My spouse won’t let me, there is no way around this, and it’s impossible.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if today – you made a different decision, to keep up with who you really are versus the limited self you are operating from?  (Ouch!  That sounds harsh but there is always room for stepping up… always room for becoming.  Isn’t that cool?)

Well, I want to gently remind you, that you can create life exactly as you desire, and sometimes that means stepping up and outside of your comfort zone.

It might mean getting on the dance floor when you are not quite yet comfortable.  It might take some courage.  It might take releasing thought and emotions that are serving you.  It might take making new choices, clearing up the clutter and coming back home to who you really are.

You KNOW it’s time.

You’ve got this feeling in the pit of your stomach, and it’s an unmistakable sign that you’ve got to make a decision, take some action, or shift some thinking patterns that are holding you back from keeping up with your essence and the love that you are.

So have some fun… read this list and add some of your own.  How do you know when it’s time to take the big step up, to make that change, to take the leap?

6 Signs that it’s TIME to step up!!

1.   You just felt yourself expand:  Uh-oh.  The feeling of expansion just overcame you…you’ve got new desires, a new vision or mission… and now you’ve got a choice.  Stay small or go with it.  I say go with it…allow it… and experiment with dancing, flying and all things new.

2. You feel a discontent and longing for more:  Yes… something needs to change doesn’t it?  First things first — look within.  Does something need changing in me, before I make drastic changes out here?

3.  You feel scared — but not too scared:  Sometimes, you are sitting on a pretty amazing opportunity.  Feels a little scary, but not too scary.  Actually it’s not fear at all – it’s excitement!

4.  You’ve been stuck, and it’s now or never:  You know this feeling….done being “here.”  If I don’t make a change I might turn back into a caterpillar for life.  Yes, time to step up J

5.  You are sick of excuses running you:  If you are here, and you know it… chances are you have already stepped up.  Taking full responsibility and being “excuse free” is a pretty inviting way to live once you get the hang of it.

6.  The next logical step is obvious:   If you are “here”.… that is great news.  You have gotten the hang of this process.   Bigger steps are expected, not too scary, and downright happiness inducing.   “What’s the next logical step Inner Being?” (you ask with confidence) You can make that decision together!

So, now what!?  Well – now that you know, it’s time to align your emotions, make a decision, take some action!   Ask yourself this question:  What do I need to let go of to keep up with who I AM?

Leave me a comment below!  Is it time?