8 Freeing Ways to Flow Inspiration

Do you know that feeling…when you “click in” to inspiration?

It’s the feeling of flow, creativity, and utter connection to who it is you are, connection to the inspired energy of love.

For me it goes like this:

I decide to work on a project (it could be writing this newsletter, a video message, my website…or planning a party for that matter, scrap-booking or taking pictures) and as I gently turn my focus to that creation, I can literally feel my energy begin to expand, flow and swirl.

No, I’m not conscious of that all the time — I’m just living it.

But, there is something valuable in tapping into that very defined SPACE as it a literal opportunity for expansion and creation or that which we desire, (as well as an opportunity to easily step into a place of bliss!)

So, I focus…and begin to hone in.  Energy begins to flow toward that ” creative intention”… and an interesting thing starts to occur.  More ideas come forth.  More “cousins” to your original thoughts start to flow, and one thought leads to another, which leads to another.

Clarity begins to unravel right before my eyes as I experience the feeling, and literal flooding of INSPIRATION — it’s spirit flowing in.  The more I focus on this spirit flowing in… the more spirit flows in.

The same goes for you.

You’ll suddenly start to realize that your project is not being fueled mental power, but a spark of spirit which loves and moves through you.

You are engaged in a flow of inspiration so lovely, connected + blissed — that time literally stands still, yet moves at the speed of light at the same time.

Your project now evolves into the work of art that it’s supposed to be, no matter what it is — and you realize that your job is to co-create life, step into joy, and to flow the energy.

And then…wow… suddenly there is no separation between you… and your creation, and as you expand it, you – yourself — on all levels have just expanded.

That, is INSPIRATION.  That is spirit coming in, spirit becoming — which equates to your LIFE unfolding.

I love that space, and having access to it literally feeds my soul on many levels.  But here’s the thing my clients ask me about all the time:

“How can I get there?”   “How can I start that flow, that spiral up, so my life + business is blessed by my own spirit coming in?”

So today I want to help you do a little more of that — in the name of getting blissed out on the inspired connection that is possible for you everyday.

8  Freeing Ways To Flow Inspiration:

1.  Remember, there is no real separation between you and inspiration — you only need to turn your attention to it — so start with there!

2.  You get to ask and intend for inspiration — moment to moment if you choose — are you willing?  Do it now.  Simple as, Inspiration please!  Or, If I were inspired right now in this red hot moment, what would I do, see, feel?

3.  Are you willing to let life inspire you?  It wants to — it wants to love you.  So check your resistance.  Are you open to letting it in?  Sometimes we are not and don’t realize it.

4.  Inspiration is a space, a feeling and an experience.  Invite your highest self here with youknowing your highest self only knows inspiration, and is the wind behind yours.

5.  Get focused on the present moment and let your intention of inspiration show up —  and flow through you.  It’s just like letting your neighbor in for tea, just open up.

6.  Allow, and be judgment free.  When is the last time you allowed yourself to remove all judgment of what’s “coming through?”  It’s easy to say, well, that’s a silly idea — but what you  need to know is — it isn’t.

7.  Set up your own “inspiration-on-button”  — perhaps it’s a “word” that you say + associate with this inspirational, or the lighting of a candle, or special time of day —  but set up your own trigger to help you cultivate creativity NOW.  Spirit can flow in that fast.

8.  Take a little action.  You’ve got to squeeze the orange for the juice right?  Or prime the pump to get water?   Well, sometimes taking a little action gets your flow going.  So juice yourself, prime the pump + take some  action that gets your energy moving forward.