A New Day, A New Blog + A New Beginning

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I started my life coaching practice by in 1998 – just 6 months after my husband and I tied the knot (in Jamaica I might add!).

Just a year before this, I had graduated with a Master’s degree in Community Counseling, and I clearly remember graduation day, I had a deep knowing in my heart that my “calling” was about to look very different than sitting 8 hours behind the closed doors of  a potentially windowless office.

It didn’t take too long.  The Universe started laying out the breadcrumbs like never before.   I  “stumbled”,  across the budding coaching industry and my first coaching mentor, Thomas Leonard.

Life changed.  I enrolled in coach training, set my sites on a new vision, and the journey started to get REAL interesting…but mostly beautiful.

Wow, those beginning days were intoxicating.  Almost like falling in love.  You know the feeling, when new passion runs through your veins?  Addicting.

I suddenly found myself working 2 jobs…my “day job” as a counselor for at risk youth, and then my second job as a life coach.

Within a year after that… I got ANOTHER new job.  But at this job they call me “Mommy”.

So much has evolved since then.  While I still am on fully duty as Mommy, with 4 gorgeous children in tow, I’m down to one totally AMAZING job that I prefer to refer to as my calling.  🙂

So, let’s get up to speed to now.

It’s 2012, and my business needed a make over!  It needed a blog!  It needed fancy buttons that take you to my Facebook page, and my twitter tree, and my linked in home!

I’m here to say WELCOME to my new blog and my new home on the web!  I’m pretty excited to have a much cooler place to do the thing I do and be, and that’s coach.

It’s a new day, a new blog + and a new beginning — and I’m loving it!