Abundance is a Feeling

Your abundance vibe can get a little foggy sometimes…it just does. That’s life.  Clouded by negative beliefs, ego-ic perspective, and well, experiences of scarcity you deem to be true.

The key word in that last sentence is “experience”. Did you know, just because you experience something it doesn’t have to be true?   It can be ONE truth, and even your truth, but not ultimate Truth.

Find the freedom in that!

Ultimate Universal Truth would say, only love is real. Only abundance is real. A nd your job?  To get in alignment with the truth of abundance, feel it, resonate it, attract it — and hence create new experiences of it.

I know if you are reading this you are most likely tuned into the Law of Attraction, and other personal development works — but one of the worst things you can do is tell yourself – “I know this stuff, I should know better” and beat up on yourself for not being where you think you should be.

Here’s the thing. You might “know” better, but the “knowing” doesn’t matter. Truth is…

Abundance is FEELING.

You create that which you FEEL, and how you feel is generated by THOUGHTS + beliefs. Thoughts are thoughts, but that’s because you’ve got feeling attached to them that matters the most. The words don’t matter, the feeling does.

Consider these statements:

I love this! (passion)

I love this! (endearment)

I love this! (sarcasm)

I love this! (hatred)

So…while your words are a part of the equation – it’s the feeling place that you hold that interacts with the ohhh so beautiful Law of Attraction to create what you desire in life. The

 I want you to honor every emotion that you have, but stand in your power. You also have the option to ask three questions:

1. Is this a match to the vibration of abundance?

2. Is this serving me?

3. How and I willing to shift?

I’ll say it again. Abundance is a feeling, and from that feeling you create your reality.

What does abundance feel like? It feels good. Joyful. App appreciative. Full of life. Trusting. Secure. Creative. Loving. Connected to the truth of infinite supply. It’s open, willing, and shift-able. Solution focused, expansion lovin’. In fact — the state of abundance is who you are.

Now the question is — Where can you, choose to feel abundant — right now?

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