Abundance Lives HERE

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There is abundance ALL around you. The question is – do you notice it? Do you focus here? Is this what you choose to make your dominant thought and experience?

And when I say abundance, I’m not just talking about the blades of grass under your feet, the abundant smiles on the faces of those you interact with, or the love from your family and friends. I’m also referring to the abundance of OPPORTUNITY and WEALTH that is available and yours for the taking.

Perhaps that’s not your belief. Perhaps you believe there is no money to be found. That jobs are scarce. That opportunity only falls in to the lap of the lucky. But here’s the thing – if that is your experience, if that’s your dominant thought – that will consequently be what you create.

Daily, I notice I’m flooded with options to create more wealth and abundance in my life. With so many options, how can you choose just 3 or 4 streams of income? The world is my oyster!

What might it be like to come from this place? Can you feel the abundance threaded through that belief and thought?

Here’s what I know to be true. You live in an abundant Universe, and divine abundance is ALL around you. The only thing you need to do is see it. Is notice it. Is look for it.

It’s as easy to manifest deep, growing wealth and opportunity as it is a butterfly. Just open your eyes.

Today: Focus on the abundance ALL around you. You MUST choose to activate this in your vibration if you want it. Write all the places and ways you are experiencing limitless abundance today.

Need some ideas? Need a tee up?

Start small. Notice that there endless blades of grass under your feet, an abundance of glistening snow, an abundance of security – notice the money that money that ebbs and flows through your life and the lives of others and be joyful about that.

And yes, notice and breathe in the abundant smiles on the people you interact with – notice the abundance of love. Notice the abundance of love you’re beginning to have for yourself as you journey through this work. Notice people that are abundant. Notice houses that feel abundant. Notice pictures that carry the vibration of abundance to you. Notice words that are abundant, and resonate with TRUTH.

Just take note. Write them. And if you’re getting savvy, notice the abundance – hold that thought and focus on the feeling!

(P.S. What you focus on grows.)

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