Power Of Appreciating With Focused Intent

Here in the US, it’s a  time for thanks as the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us.

It’s not just about “pass the pie!!!”  (although that certainly might be something to feel appreciation about!)

But, it’s a time when you look around, with heart, and consciously appreciate the blessings and gifts that you’ve have been offered in your lives.

We are thankful for each other.  For love, for health + for days at the beach.  (That picture above?  That US.  My tribe.)

Some of those things are sadly overlooked, brushed under the table, and taken for granted most of the year.  Yikes!  Can you imagine!!?

This includes the simple things yes, the positives… but even the hardships.

Imagine looking  within the heart of a hardship to find true appreciation — and thus the strength to shift your experience….and then through this, find peace.

This time of year, we are conscious of this…but I  must ask, why not all of the time?

So, for today…make a choice.  Make a choice, that no matter the condition of your health, the events around you, the attitudes of your family or the politicians you love to hate…make a choice to honor and appreciate the gifts you are given, even your current challenges.

I know, life can be difficult.  Work will stress you, your heart will be broken, and life will offer you opportunity for beautiful and massive change through your challenge, and within that lies a gift.

It’s the gift of coming home to who you are, and claiming your joy.  Your happiness and your contentment from within, no matter what it “looks like” on the outside.

What?  It’s doable.

You GET to make a choice to appreciate your life with FOCUSED intent.  That means, allow yourself the experience the energy of deep appreciation, and do this consciously.

It requires that you open up to a love, that has the capacity to envelop you in a feeling of well being like you’ve never felt before and creates an emotional and energetic shift that cascades into your life experience.

Would you like some of that?  Can you imagine what you can create from this place?

“The unthankful heart… discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!”   ~Henry Ward Beecher

5 Simple Appreciation Tips

1.  Look for what you want to see vs. what you don’t want to see.  To often we go about our day waiting and expecting awful things to happen, or we expect to be disappointed.

We walk around saying, “I don’t like this, and this, and this….” and look for things that need changing.  You would find that your world may conform to more of your liking if you focused on what you did indeed want to see. “I like this, I like that….oh and I really love that!”

2.  Appreciate and be grateful about something about you.  Be grateful that you have a beautiful smile and a heart of gold. Be grateful that you are a savvy business person, or that you are inventive or intuitive. Be grateful that you are a wonderful parent.  Be grateful that you are not perfect. (Wouldn’t that be a bore?)

Can you open yourself up to a new way of thinking, guided by your heart?  If you are reading this… you might already  be leaning in that direction.  Appreciate that about you.

3.  If its hard to find something to appreciate about yourself, start by looking around your world and appreciating that.  The snow, the leaves, the sun.  Look for beauty in your life.  Focus on the penny that you do have vs. the one that you don’t.

Right now, in this very moment… 🙂  I appreciate that my son walked into my office with a bag of almonds from the grocery store, all happy to deliver one of my favorites!   I appreciate a quiet house this morning, lemon tea with my daughter, and the fact that laughter just rolled back in the door.  (Today is off to a good start!)

Do THIS.  Get in to your moment and appreciate it.

4.  Keep track of the “good things” that happen to you in your calendar or daily journal…yes even the little things, and all the beautiful synchronicities that occur in your life.  They DO occur, it’s your job to notice them.  This affirms that good things do come your way, and you can begin to trust in God and the Universe as the source of your supply.

Appreciate the synchronicities that occur in your life, they were given to you as a gift to affirm that you are indeed on the right path.

I appreciate the connections I made this week, the people I talked to (you know who you are!) and the new intentions that were set.  I appreciate opportunities offered, taken, and dreamt of.  (I’ve got some new ones)

Do THIS.  It is life changing.

5.  Want to see a quick shift in your emotions, energy and life?  For the next 30 days – set aside time to write for 10 minutes all of the positive things you can about your life, your relationships, your body, your work, your home etc etc.  You will not be the same person at the end of those 30 days!