Appreciating Work

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WORK. It’s a word that’s laden with beliefs, feelings and expectations. It defines not only where you go when you arise each morning M-F, 9-5 – but also suggests hardship versus ease, and frustration versus joy.

So let’s me ask you this: how do you feel about your work? What’s your dominant vibration, feeling and focus? Is it one that moves you forward, or keeps you stuck where you’re at? And I’ll give you a hint – hating your work keeps you stuck. Loving it, moves you forward.

I tend to work with a lot of entrepreneurs and self-employed freedom seekers – many of whom are transitioning from a job they call “work” to a career of freedom and financial flow. Where working for themselves is much more like play. Where they are driven by purpose versus a paycheck and the money still flows.

And let’s say you choose a path of being employed for someone else – your work can feel just like play, with a beautiful co-creative family – on a mission of your own.

We all want “work”, no matter what we choose to feel like that. Purpose driven, life changing, and creative. With opportunity flowing to you in every moment, like easy rivers of abundance. With opportunity for change all around us. There is opportunity and abundance and money all around you for the taking – and when you align with loving your work – more loving work will follow.

Love it? I do.

First things first – change what “work” means to you. I’d much rather you refer to it as a practice, or a choice, or a career.

Step two – you’ve got to LOVE your work if you want flow new energy in your life – including new money and new opportunity. Do you see how loving your work is a match to doing work you really love? Love where you are. Right now.

Today write: What I love and appreciate about my work (career, job, practice) is:

(Look for the tiniest things to love, even if it’s only your paycheck or the conversations with colleagues around the water cooler! Not working currently? Love your finding and creating opportunity. Love the journey. Know you are right where you are supposed to be.)

Watch the video: