Are You Clutching?

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You know that feeling, when you want something with ALL your heart. When you want it SO bad it consumes you? You clutch and cling to that dream with all your might, squeeze your eyes so tight your eye lashes crimp only to open them after months of clutching, and see nothing.

“This manifesting stuff never works…” you think to yourself. Sealing in yet another thought and vibration of scarcity and doubt. You might even feel betrayed by the Universe. You might feel that wealth is not your destiny. You might feel like giving up on “this stuff.”

Here’s the thing. Clutching to anything is an activation of scarcity consciousness. It feels like fear, desperation, control, or never enough-ness. What do you think you create when you’re focused here? When that’s the undercurrent of your creative work?

It squeezes the life out of our dreams. Can you sense it?

You need to check if there is an undercurrent of clutching in your life – or if you’re in alignment with another very important Universal Law, called The Law of Detachment.

(As you will recall, observing this law is on your daily manifesting routine.)

You cannot clutch and cling enough to allow abundance into your life.

Feel the difference between clutching and allowing? It’s a totally different energy and resonance. Clutching activates fear and scarcity, and truly it’s the observation of what you don’t have versus the activation of what’s coming to you.

Please check this point. It is one of the most important things I can teach you, or that you can a pay attention to. It’s not on the daily routine for nothing!

So how does one unravel clutching energy?

Like all creation, it’s a choice.

– Choose to hold your dream dear vs. tight.

– Choose to set it and forget it (trusting it’s coming).

– Honor divine time.

– Choose a better thought.
Willingness to choose another thought than one that’s clutching will serve you.

What are you willing to think and believe? What thought are you willing to challenge?

“I’ll never get a good paying job.” Byron Katie would have us ask – “Is that true?”


“I’m not smart enough to make my dreams a reality.” (Is that true?)


“If I don’t make this dream happen I’ll die.” (Yeah, we think that.) (Is that true?)

And here are some thoughts to ponder: they are a match to who YOU are. They are the truth of abundance.

– Money comes easily to me.

– I’m manifesting rivers of cash.

– I’m a money magnet.

– I dig the trickle theory. It comes in, it comes out. It’s easy and effortless.

– I was born worthy and wealthy.

– I choose to love and allow my dreams.

– The more I let go and be easy, the more it all flows to me.

– I trust in divine timing and dig the synchronicity that leads me there.

Write: Truth be told, I’ve been clutching to XYZ (one word: money, love, him/her, approval etc.). I’m willing to release my clutching ways by choosing to think THIS instead, and write the truth.

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