Argue for Your Limitlessness

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Limitations – do you have them? Do you believe in them?

I’m not here to convince you that you can be a brain surgeon tomorrow. But I do feel compelled to have you ask yourself if you are, in anyway “arguing for your limitations.”

My mother taught me when I was young to not argue for my limitations, but on my limitlessness.

Arguing for limitations is focusing on all the reasons why something “can’t” be. And it’s a scarcity trap. And it keeps your ego safe and sound, far away from change.

Claim that everything you want to create in your reality, everything you can dream up, you can be, do, or have.

Stop saying, “I can’t because…”

Today, argue for your limitlessness. Make a case, find proof and reason through all your internal stops of why not and turn them into possibilities. I can tell you – if you dream of it – it’s possible.

You are limitless!

Need a tee up? Write this: Today I argue for my limitlessness. These are all reasons that my limitlessness is the only truth:

Examples? I am LOVE. I can choose a thought, any thought. I have a soul. I AM a Soul. God, the Universe and all the angels are conspiring in my favor. I’ve had experiences of limitlessness – (list them!) I’ve stood in my power on these occasions. My belief system supports me. I believe there is nothing I cannot be, do or have. I believe the path will indeed light up, and I will follow it. I trust myself. I am trusting the Divine. I know that everything that is happening for me, not to me. I’ve witnessed miracles, and here they are.

Now, write yours. Seek proof of your limitlessness and focus on them, for what you focus on grows. Would you like limitless to grow in your experience?


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