The Art of Receiving

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It’s so easy to give to others, isn’t it?  Far too often we find it difficult to be on the receiving end of the exchange.  Or don’t realize we’ve not allowed ourselves to receive, fully + deeply.   On a soul level.

For some reason, we are uncomfortable with the notion of receiving anything that we haven’t officially worked for, or earned. Those reasons lie somewhere within our belief system, our patterns, and our own self worth.

Maybe you were taught as a child, “It is better to give than to receive.”  There is as darn good chance  you were parented or mentored by someone who taught that you must work very hard to earn money or earn your way to the top, and thus creating that same belief with in you.

(If you aren’t in the majority with that particular belief… that’s ok.  Just pay close attention to what blocks you’ve got.  We’ve all got them!)

Many times I have asked clients and participants in my courses, “How would it feel if I gave you $100.00?” Most of the time the response is, “uncomfortable”, “embarrassed”, or “I wouldn’t let you give me that”.

On a rare occasion some say , “Thank you, woo hoo!”
So, here’s the magic question….What would be Your response be to a random gift of money? What if it was $1? What if it was $100? $100.000?

This is a good exercise to assess your comfort level in regard to receiving, and I use money because it’s the thing that many of us have a lot of emotional clutter around.

So, ask yourself this…are you allowing it in, or keeping it at bay?  Feel for the answer.

If you comfort level is challenged, what do attribute this to? Do some soul searching – it pays to be clear, and then bust up the attachment in your head.

It is your belief? Is it feeling inadequate or not worthy? Are you undeserving?

If you struggle with receiving in your life, know that you will struggle creating — period.

You need to be willing to accept, and truly ALLOW goodness and well-being, and reprogram your mind to this truth… expecting and trusting that you too are indeed blessed — and from a place of alignment will experience that in the physical realm.

So, are you willing to soften your attachments around receiving, inch by inch in order to allow the flow of wealth and prosperity to bless your life?

10 Ways to Become Masterful Receiver

1. Keep giving with love, and allow the cycle to complete itself. Let the Universe, and all within it,  love you back!

2. Relax into your self worthdon’t fight so hard to prove you don’t deserve – you do. You were born deserving just like you were born with your soul. It just is.

3. Say “thank you” vs. “oh, you shouldn’t have.” Watch all the ways in your life that you allow yourself to close the receiving door – many times with a slam!

4. Make a conscious decision to be open to receiving in your life. You are at choice, all the time, a powerful creator. Deciding to receive and taking steps can create a landslide of abundant flow.

5. Affirm, “I am a receiver, and I allow wealth to flow into my life”.  Find an affirmation you can stand behind, and one that feels good to you. It could be as simple as “open to receive…open to receive…..”

6. Practice loving yourself right into worthiness. You know, we all have some of those issues creep up at times, but keep them in check. Honor yourself and love yourself enough to put yourself first because your self worth is worth it.

7. Give up the notion of working hard and earning – get your emotions lined up with the joys of “ask and you shall receive” (this is much better isn’t it?)

8. Know that the better you can receive, the more you will attract/create abundance. You are a receiver yes, and also a “receiver” meaning ~ in a vibration and attraction based universe, you need to set your dial to tune into what you want – and when you do, boom. Your receiving, in both terms of the word.

9. Ask for guidance. Prayer and intention are very, very powerful. Consider asking for some specific guidance on how to become a better receiver. You may just get something like a whisper, a thought, an intuition, a synchronicity, that says – slow down, be patient, forgive yourself, forgive another, let go of control, be true to you… and line up with the beautiful love that you are.  🙂

10.  Ask:  Is this a match?  At any given moment you can sit with yourself for just a moment and ask yourself, is this a match to the energy of receiving?   In other words, “Am I a match to the energy of receiving, and allowing GOOD in my life?”   Trust your intuition…and do the work to be the MATCH.