Assume the Feelin’

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Neville Goddard wrote, “Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” One of my absolute favorites quotes of all time.

Today, it’s your job to BE in that place. Revisit your intentions. Bring up within you, that what you want to create as if it already is. And act accordingly.

Just because something isn’t in your exact physical experience yet – doesn’t mean it’s not manifesting for you, or given to you.

What you desire– IS, the moment you ask for it.

Assume and know your intentions exist, and even if not yet physically experienced yet, they are alive and real. Operate from that place.

Let’s practice.

What feeling place would you hold if the car you desire was parked in the driveway? If the job or career you desire was waiting for you this Monday. What if the financial freedom you craved was in the bank – flowing easily in and out?

How would you act? What thoughts would you think? What feeling would you feel?

Write the “feeling of your wish fulfilled” – like it’s here, right now. Like you’re driving the car. Act as if. Check your focus – where is your attention pointed? Scarcity and lack, or is it on the feeling of the wish fulfilled?

You choose.

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