Author Your LIFE

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Imagine you live in another world for a moment, where the only way to make life “happen” is to literally write out “your story” every morning upon waking. You’ve got just one hour to “create your day.” You are the author (quite literally) of your life. You create it all.

But here’s the kicker. In this other world if you forgot to write your script, or if you simply didn’t care enough, you’d get nothing for the next 24 hours. That’s the way it is. That’s life, in this other world.

No sunrise, no chats with friends, no work, no petting your cat, loving up your kids, or romancing your love. If you didn’t write your story, you’re just out of luck… until 24 hours later, you wake and get a fresh chance to create your life.

If your world was like that, would you create every day? Create an awesome story? How would you write it? Would you miss a day, ever? How awesome would you make it?

Now in our world, you are working with an even BETTER set up system. One where the Universe is your bestie and it co-creates your life with you.

In fact, the Universe is always conspiring in your favor, always responding to your vibration, whether you know it or not, filling in the story where you don’t, always providing you with sunsets, magic, opportunities at the right time, lots of joyous surprises, and as much time as you’d like to write your next chapter. No pressure, you choose when and how you’ll tell your story.

You’ve got full creative power to script your life exactly as you want – when you want. No waiting period, no rules. Nothing taken from you if you don’t.

So my question to you is – what STORY would you like to LIVE in your life today? What story will YOU tell? The Universe has your back, and this is your work.

But just, like in our “other” world – I want you to wake up each and every day and script your life – with THAT kind of intention. With that kind of certainty of your creative power. With that kind of motivation and clarity.

Yes. Stand in your most powerful shoes as a creator and literally write the STORY of your life as you’d like to see it, how it would serve you.

Today – the exercise is simple. Finish one of these sentences:

If I could have it my way:


I create my day, from sun up to sun down – here’s what’s in store:

Watch the video: