8 Freeing Ways to Flow Inspiration

Do you know that feeling…when you “click in” to inspiration? It’s the feeling of flow, creativity, and utter connection to who it is you are, connection to the inspired energy.. read more

On Limitlessness: 5 Gateways to Greatness

Limitlessness.  Not a very concrete topic to describe, or much less write a “how to” article on how to get there.   It’s a feeling.  An energy.  A potential.  A love. .. read more

5 Secrets To Meeting Yourself Exactly Where You Are

Guess what?  You. Are. Here. Said so brilliantly by Confucius ~  “No matter where you go, there you are.” There is not one single place that you should be, that.. read more

Got Naysayers? (6 ways to stay true to you + keep the glass half full)

You’ve got a dream.  It’s a really great dream.  You are inspired, you know it’s big. It almost seems unreachable, but somewhere in your heart you just know this is.. read more

Change Your Inner Rule Book (to play a bigger game)

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I’m sitting at the little league field a lot these days (again!).  It’s got me thinking about games….and a lot about the game of life, your inner game + how.. read more

Land in Your Lap Effortless (the how to’s)

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This is as much an event as it is a place that you are coming from, in your heart of hearts. A  few weeks ago I wrote “Land In Your.. read more

Keep Your Word (when you have to + how to deal when you don’t)

Posted in Rules To Live By

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of your WORD? Tune in.  When you keep it – your heart soars with a forward movement that runs through you. .. read more

In Too Deep?

It’s a familiar movie scene.  A guy is flailing about in the lake, yelling — “Help, help, help!  I can’t swim, I’m drowning!” Bystanders chuckle for a moment and then.. read more

Be Light About Change (+ bring change to light)

Ask yourself…”Am I resistant to change?” You might be shocked at the answer you intuitively hear… And really why does it matter, you might say? Because resistance, in any form,.. read more

4 Fatal Fears That Sabotage Your Efforts + Steal Your Freedom

You’ve still got a monster under your bed.   Lurking.  Ready to jump out and get ‘cha. And you know it’s there…. it keeps you up at night.  It holds.. read more

Big Love For Abundance

I am here to remind you today….to love thyself. And don’t underestimate the power here. I’m not talking about just any kind of love, I’m talking BIG LOVE for yourself. .. read more

Are You Missing Opportunity? (the Quiz)

How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.” ― Paulo Coelho We’ve all felt like we’ve missed them…opportunities that is.  We live, we learn + say,.. read more