Believe Everything and Nothing

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Beliefs are powerful. In fact – what you create in your life experience is largely based on what you believe. Why? Because you’ve got thoughts and emotions associated with the.. read more

On Failure and Epic Expansion

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Failure. Let’s celebrate it! At first glance you might not like the feel of today’s work. You might say, “C’mon Lori, the last thing I want to do is talk.. read more

Create Your Own Lottery

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Money isn’t hard to make. But we make it hard to make. Why do we do that?! Many reasons, and all of them are based in fear, scarcity, unworthiness and.. read more

Argue for Your Limitlessness

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Limitations – do you have them? Do you believe in them? I’m not here to convince you that you can be a brain surgeon tomorrow. But I do feel compelled.. read more

How to Say YES to the Universe

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Just in case you doubt your purpose or yourself, don’t – we need you. The world needs you. We all need YOU to show up, and create your dreams –.. read more

You’re Getting Warmer!

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Do you remember playing Hide and Seek as a kid, or searching for your Easter Basket, or anything else for that matter – when you’re the ONLY one in the.. read more

Comparison Is a Vibration

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Have you been in the dreaded space of comparison? Guess what? It’s scarcity consciousness and fear. Fear, that you – in your brilliance – are not enough. Let’s explore. Comparing.. read more

On Manifesting Health

If you’ve ever felt “caught” with a physical or bodily desire or condition you’d like to shift – or you have a dream or desire for your body, tune in… read more

Abundance Lives HERE

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There is abundance ALL around you. The question is – do you notice it? Do you focus here? Is this what you choose to make your dominant thought and experience?.. read more

Ferocious Wanters Wanted

Are you a ferocious wanter? Are you one fire with desire? Today, give yourself permission to want what you want. Fully. It’s okay. It’s wonderful actually. Full on, cell sparking,.. read more

What Do You REALLY Need

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I want you to recognize something in yourself. This might be something you resist for just a moment; it might even be something you want to avoid. But being truthful.. read more

Assume the Feelin’

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Neville Goddard wrote, “Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” One of my absolute favorites quotes of all time. Today, it’s your job to BE in that place. Revisit your.. read more