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#tyuomp (Thank You Universe, One More Please!)

When I was first starting my coaching practice, it was my intention to attract my true tribe…those of you that were seeking deep transformation on all levels of life. Every.. read more

19 Lies Your Ego Tells to Keep You Safe (and staying small)

I sat there in my office chair for 15 eternal minutes…my finger shaking as I hovered my mouse over the SEND button…just sick to my stomach. I couldn’t do it… read more

On Manifesting Health

If you’ve ever felt “caught” with a physical or bodily desire or condition you’d like to shift – or you have a dream or desire for your body, tune in… read more

Ferocious Wanters Wanted

Are you a ferocious wanter? Are you one fire with desire? Today, give yourself permission to want what you want. Fully. It’s okay. It’s wonderful actually. Full on, cell sparking,.. read more

Life is an Experiment

What might happen if LIFE, and everything you did was just one big happy experiment? If you made the decision to view it all as just one big happy trial?.. read more

Are You Open To Receive (here’s the test!)

I would be doing you a disservice if you did this manifesting practice and I didn’t ask you to check in on your receiving vibration. That’s the part of you.. read more

Why Be Brave?

Today I was brave.  No, I did not walk across coals, nor did I jump out of an airplane.  But — I did do something that required me to stop buying.. read more

How To Pull Up Your Bootstraps (and get what you want!)

You may or may not appreciate this right now… (so at the risk of sounding potentially un-sweet)…for goodness sake,  pull up your bootstraps. There is nothing you can not be,.. read more

8 Freeing Ways to Flow Inspiration

Do you know that feeling…when you “click in” to inspiration? It’s the feeling of flow, creativity, and utter connection to who it is you are, connection to the inspired energy.. read more

5 Secrets To Meeting Yourself Exactly Where You Are

Guess what?  You. Are. Here. Said so brilliantly by Confucius ~  “No matter where you go, there you are.” There is not one single place that you should be, that.. read more

Got Naysayers? (6 ways to stay true to you + keep the glass half full)

You’ve got a dream.  It’s a really great dream.  You are inspired, you know it’s big. It almost seems unreachable, but somewhere in your heart you just know this is.. read more

4 Fatal Fears That Sabotage Your Efforts + Steal Your Freedom

You’ve still got a monster under your bed.   Lurking.  Ready to jump out and get ‘cha. And you know it’s there…. it keeps you up at night.  It holds.. read more