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#Hashtag Grateful

Your Facebook news feed might look like mine…and it’s lovely.  It gives me the warm fuzzies + reminds me of the power of appreciation + gratitude.  Not just at Thanksgiving. .. read more

In Too Deep?

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It’s a familiar movie scene.  A guy is flailing about in the lake, yelling — “Help, help, help!  I can’t swim, I’m drowning!” Bystanders chuckle for a moment and then.. read more

Big Love For Abundance

I am here to remind you today….to love thyself. And don’t underestimate the power here. I’m not talking about just any kind of love, I’m talking BIG LOVE for yourself. .. read more

How To NOT Lose Yourself In Holiday Stress

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You might not believe this if I told you so — but there was a holiday season when I got so caught up in the “have to’s”, so immersed in the.. read more

What to Do When Your In Breakdown

It’s easy to talk about the fluffy topics of positive thinking, law of attraction, and conscious creation.   In fact, I like it here. My friend calls it being on.. read more

Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth + Light Up The Neighborhood

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You know the feeling. You’ve got a lump in your throat and can’t seem to find the courage to speak.  Your heart almost aches because once again you find yourself.. read more

Project Unconditional Love – Part 2

In part 1 of this little series I asked you to deem your life “Project Unconditional Love”. Here’s a piece of truth.  Even if you did this (shifted to an.. read more

Project Unconditional Love – Part 1

I want you to consider, deeming your life – in this moment – Project Unconditional Love. If you did just that ~ and committed to a life of true unconditional.. read more