Be Light About Change (+ bring change to light)

Ask yourself…”Am I resistant to change?” You might be shocked at the answer you intuitively hear…

And really why does it matter, you might say?

Because resistance, in any form, can block the flow of abundance and joy in your life.
Resistance can sneak up on you, so today I’ll offer you some awareness — specifically about those times when you are experiencing change in your life.

Now, with that said, you might be one of those people who love change, need it, and crave it! If you can’t stand your furniture in the same place for longer than a week, you might be up to speed with change. If you hop from job to job effortlessly, then too ~ you might be a quick shifter.

But, on the other side… and the side that I believe the majority of us fall into, change can be difficult. We get settled in our comfort zones, feel protected by static conditions around, and quite certainly feel challenged when the things that appear “outside” of you begin shifting.     (hint: do you think you are the creator of your changes?)

So, I won’t go on about changes in our society, financial issues, or politics…that is not my specialty nor my joy :)…. but I will offer that if you have resistance to change – “good or bad” as your Ego judges it, then it can affect your life.

Perhaps….it’s time. Time to look inward for the joy and contentment vs. seeking outside conditions to “be” a certain way for you to deem yourself happy. The journey has many layers doesn’t it? Being comfortable with change and not standing in harsh judgment of your life is just one very small piece of the puzzle as you adapt from the inside out.

So let’s explore a little. 

Are you comfortable with changes within yourself? New expectations….new desires…new passions?

Do you allow yourself to flow and grow with life? Follow your bliss so that life can unfold before you, blessing you with synchronicity?

When you are uncomfortable do you reach for alignment or do you push for “same-ness” to offer you illusions that life is safe?

Can you allow yourself to make mini-leaps in your life?

Can you allow others…and be judgment free of the choices they make, the changes they experience? Can you love them anyway even if it affects you?

I ask you these questions for one thing — and it’s just to highlight marker your resistance to change, and stir something within to change THAT!

So, let’s be light about change…and bring your changes to light!

1. Know that all is well – it really is. You can tap into well being anytime you choose to, by just holding the thought that all is well. You can change the direction of your life, your experience, and your future by merely holding that simple thought. This helps you get out of judgment of how things “should be”…judgment only creates separation and more resistance.

2. Know that you do have control over change, even if you don’t think you don’t. It’s easy to buy into “mass consciousness”, but know that change is only what you make it, or how you create it.

3. You can make it positive or negative. Focus on what you want to see in your experience, so you will attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. We have a tendency to feel fearful of change, and then mis-create because our thought is not focused on what we want…but on what we don’t want. Then when we create what we fear, and we say (and deem) we don’t have control of life or our experiences. But, we do. Envision your life experiences as you would like them to be.

4. Embrace the thought that change is easy, and joyful, and effortless. When you find yourself in a situation that feels a bit uncomfortable, assess your feelings, assess your thoughts – and then reframe them. Instead of saying, ” I can’t handle this…or I hate changes” say, “I can handle it….or things are getting better little by little….or I had a better day today… “I am finding my groove” .

5. Appreciate the fact that you have change in your life…without it there would be no growth! Life is fluid….it can’t NOT be. Everything is energy. If you close the door on change you close the door on life.

6. Let go. Change is just change, not good or bad. What might happen if you chose to be “hopeful” in light of changes in your life?  Your whole perspective and experience about change would change.   🙂

What changes have you been struggling with?  How will you choose to enlighten them + yourself?