Comparison Is a Vibration

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Have you been in the dreaded space of comparison? Guess what? It’s scarcity consciousness and fear. Fear, that you – in your brilliance – are not enough.

Let’s explore.

Comparing your life, job, or project to theirs – wondering if they are as successful as they look – and wondering why you’re not. “If I only had what she has.” You seethe; and wonder why you’re not. Or even, who’s better? Me or them? It hurts to hear out loud, but there a very human experience to honor here.

Here’s the thing with comparison. It only exists in your mind. It’s not based in reality. It’s based on assumptions. And to make matters worse, it’s energetically consuming. It depreciates your brilliance and disconnects you from your Inner Being.

And to add insult to injury, it’s an external focus that takes you completely away from tuning in and following your unique and miraculous path. Yes, the one that is being laid out before you – in response to your deepest intentions for abundance.

Notice – you might be in comparison more than you know. Just like we spend more time in our past than our NOW. It sneaks up on you.

From this point on, I want you to practice being a NO COMPARISON zone. That means, you don’t compare yourself to others in any way, and you don’t assume they are comparing themselves to you.

Write: I AM ME. There is no one else I wish to be. No one I need to compare myself to. The only person I aspire to be more like is my authentic self, my Inner Being. And since I’m already him/her – the only thing I need to do is remove thoughts about myself that aren’t true. THIS is ME: (please describe you, the all of you, the Inner Being of you – the you that you are, the you that you’re becoming).

Suddenly, there is no need to wish you’re like anyone else. Scarcity vibration be gone!

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