Create More Than Enough

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You deserve more than enough. You do. And, it’s okay. The only reason you think it isn’t is because someone told you so a long time ago.

And just to be clear, having more than enough isn’t about stuff; it’s about security, and activating the flow of prosperity versus scarcity. Scarcity, all forms of it, stems from the feeling, experience, focus or belief in “not enough.” So I say: enough of that. Let’s create more than enough, and the experience of abundance, sound good?

You know, one of the secrets to attracting the life you desire is holding in your heart, and in your mind’s eye, the feeling of your dream.

So, how do we get to the feeling place of abundance, so that you attract more of it? Well, a couple ways. And some you’re already getting good at it!

Holding the vision of something specific, doing a vision board or a creation box are great examples! Scripting and writing, as you know, with each stroke of your pen, or click of the keyboard, your HOLDING a focus, a story. (Make sure you’re writing good ones, it’s powerful.)

Today, I want to offer you another concept for getting into the feeling place of abundance.

It’s called creating a reserve. I learned this from my first coach mentor, Thomas Leonard.

What’s a reserve? Quite frankly, it’s a reservoir. It’s having enough. More than enough even. It’s having more than enough – of ANYTHING.

Why is this useful? Because it’s a way to align with the energy of abundance. It’s a way to create security, and the feeling of flow – from the outside in. It’s a way to make yourself a conscious match to prosperity.

This isn’t about getting a reserve of money tomorrow. It’s about playing a game, being LIGHT – and finding something in your physical life that will trigger the feeling of “enough” in one simple area.

It might be toilet paper. Or printer ink. I have many areas that represent reserve. I always have a reserve of my protein shake, coconut flour, Kind bars, and Bullet Proof Coffee.

Today, think about an area of your life you’d find it fun to create a reserve. Think about something that you’d like to have “more than enough” of. Write it below. “The area of my life I intend to create a reserve is XYZ.”

And just notice the shift that come from just declaring it – how does it feel? What do you notice?

Now, fulfill your intention today. Create a reserve of that, and notice again what it’s like to have that reservoir in front of you.

Just play with the energy. This is a game that actives the vibration of abundance.

And, what you focus on grows.


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