Create Your Own Lottery

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Money isn’t hard to make. But we make it hard to make. Why do we do that?! Many reasons, and all of them are based in fear, scarcity, unworthiness and beliefs we were taught.

Money isn’t hard to make. Don’t you like the ring of that? Isn’t that a nice thought?

Let’s really flip it right. Making money is easy. Like picking flowers. Like focusing my attention. Like manifesting butterflies.

Money is easy to make. Money is eeeeaaaasy to make.

Don’t you just love resonating with that there? Isn’t it nice to believe that truth? Isn’t it more truthful than anything you’ve ever heard about money, ever, in your life? It’s easy to make. Money is easy, money is energy, and money is love. Let your heart resonate with that truth. If your mind can’t get there, move it over politely, just for a moment. And feel it in your heart.

But here’s the thing. When you don’t think it is, you might find yourself wishing to win the lottery. Wishing for “luck.” And while there is nothing wrong with that – nothing! – you have to realize the vibration from which that comes. Is it because money is hard to make, and that’s your last chance? Is your wanting to win the lottery infused with scarcity? Do you not trust yourself?

I say this only because I want you to be aware of the vibration your holding. It’s subtle. Tend to it. That’s all! Promise. No crushing your childhood dreams, everything is possible of course!

Today, I want to infuse you with this: what might it be like to create your own lottery? To tap into the infinite stream of abundance? To call upon the Universal lottery to flow through your life – in any way, shape or form? What if you detached from it, and just stood in the feeling place of easy, flowing, financial freedom? That’s a lottery. And you can create your own.

Put your attention here, and reflect for a moment.

“Money is easy to make. There is an infinite stream of abundance that I choose to be ONE with – the moment I turn my attention to it! And how awesome – lotteries are won every day and I can also create my OWN lottery! I detach from “how” my lottery is created. I love the flow of abundance! I love big flows of abundance! I love reveling in what I can do to help this earth with infinite flows of cash. I can create my amazing flowing financial freedom through my brilliance. I’m open to all possibilities. I’m open to floodgates of wealth. I’m open. Money is easy to create. Easy to make. Easy to flow. It flows in and out of my life. It’s eaaasy.”

Write and reflect: What does this feel like? What can you feel opening up for you? What do you notice? What thoughts come up for you? Are you inspired? Did something pop up that needs attention, or reframing? Are you bumping up against beliefs? What’s going on? Notice you.

(And notice this. Creating your own lottery creates your odds of winning. Why? Because you might be more of a match to it – like energy matches like energy, just sayin’.)

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