The Credo.

This is The Credo.  

Beliefs to live, truths to know + deeply breathe …
which have the power to re-create your life, and yourself.  

This is my come from, and I invite you to make it yours too.

The Credo

I promise to love myself more today than yesterday, to bask in the NOW, to feel the vision of my dream as if it were already here, and remember all my co-creative power lies right HERE, within me.

I vow to remember everything is energy, money is love, and I am LIMITLESS.

I promise to live kindly, gently and in the same breath be a ferocious wanter — an on-fire-with-desire-creator, and I vow to always create through the power of LOVE.

I promise to play BIG, have dreams bigger than myself and keep my vision in front of me, more often than not… allow inspiration to whisper sweetly to me, and then swiftly act upon it.

Promise to leave fear at the door, never give up, always step out in courage and be my most authentic self which is LOVE.  I choose it consciously and more easily each and every day, and my results increase exponentially, and joyfully.

I vow to LEAP at the chance…to expand my spirit, free my ego, and as I do I am blessed with one synchronicity after another, after another, after another …I revel in each and every one as it lights the path before me, effortlessly.

I’m deeply honored to be part of this amazing life, and have unending honor for the miracles that unravel before me, and that I am.

Opportunities, connections, perfect moments, winks from God and the Universe are a part of my every moment.

I live a life completely connected to spirit and because I do, life unfolds at the speed of love and my Universal timeline collapses effortlessly…my life unfolds with ease and harmony and grace…..

Ohhh!  The Universe loves speed and so do I!  Aligning with that speed is exhilarating… and when I do I become one with LOVE!

I promise to not look back, to vision forward … setting into motion my reality, my prosperity, my tranquility, and my joy.

I open my heart, my mind, and my arms to receive all that is offered to me…and bask in deep appreciation of the blessings and manifestations yet to come!

©Lori Hamann



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