Drill Breaking + Life Making

· Posted in Create Your Reality

You know the drill.  YOUR drill. It’s the way you do most things, most days… most of your life. 

It’s starts, from the moment you jump out of bed + set your feet on the floor… (I wonder, have you done it this way before?)

It ends with the last thought you think before your tired body feathers down to sleep…(and I wonder, does the thought you thunk, have something to tweak?)

Now, before this turns into a tribute to Seuss… (which it could in a hurry) take a good look at how you do your days, your weeks, your months.

It’s how you’ve been creating your life. Your reality.

In other words, are you deliberately creating your life moment to moment….or are you waiting for life, for destiny, for something good to happen. for things to turn around…for luck?

Your “inner drill” shapes your life — moment to moment.  It’s the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, the emotional places you anchor yourself in — just because your right.   Or, just because this is what you’ve always known.  Or just because you found proof that it’s so.

Your world… is a reflection of that. Do you like what you see?  Awesome…carry on!

Interested in a little more love, more joy, or more abundance?  Then — you must change your drill, and to change it….you must first QUESTION it.

What am I doing, thinking, feeling, believing?  Has it been working for me?  Have I been living my days on purpose + on fire, or are my days living me?

It’s liberating.  It makes you a soldier of TRUTH, who knows nothing of drills + stiff sheets — but only of change, possibility + limitlessness.

It’s who you are.

And if tomorrow when you rise, you place your feet on the opposite side of the bed, tuck them into a furry pair of zebra slippers with unexplainable remembrance + knowingness of your creative power  —  then I’d consider it a sign that your DRILL ends here, and your unlimited life is about to begin.

The question is — will you choose it?

Happy drill breaking + life making 🙂