Energy of Decision

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You’ve made decisions in your life. And lots of them. But did you ever notice, when your decision comes from the depths of your soul, it’s a done deal?

Do you notice when you’re clear, when you know exactly what you want, and go after it with certainty, that decision comes to fruition in your life?

Agreed, the small things feel easier. There is less emotional risk in deciding what color socks to wear this morning than in a decision to buy a new home, or change your career direction.

Let’s quickly talk about indecision. Indecision is clutter. It’s busy, it’s distracted. It’s filled with doubt and negative chatter. It’s filled with all the reasons why NOT. Feel that?

DECISION is a vibration, yes. But it’s the absence of indecision, and it creates the presence of SPACE – for all things that you’ve intended and dreamed about to flow into your experience.

Let me ask you this. Have you officially decided? Is it a done deal? Or, are you sending the Universe a “maybe message” laden with conditions and emotional clutter?

Here are more reasons to show up and decide. The energy of decision holds within it a set of attitudes and beliefs that also work in your favor.

First, think about something you’ve made a clear decision about.

Think about the energy that is the foundation of a true decision:

– 100% responsibility for my life (This model works!)

– 1000% in.

– The energy of “done deal.” This is happening. (It’s SO happening, it’s basically happened.)

– Trust. Trust in self, trust in the divine, trust in divine time.

– Clarity.

– Space.


Today I want you to look at one area of your life, and decide with conviction – something that you desire, or want to experience. I want you to choose to be 1000% in. Done deal. No mental clutter. This. Is. Happening.

Not a matter of “if it happens.” Sorry, that’s not good enough for you today. THIS IS IT. Post it on the forum or in your journal. Activate that vibration in you. It’s a good one. It’s time to get used to it and wear it more often.

And it looks amazing on you.


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