Energy of Delelgation

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At first glance you may not think today’s lesson and task is anything too spiritual, and you might even feel the need to skip it. Like it’s not important, or like it won’t matter.

Well, here’s the thing. Your job during the Manifestation 100 is to take out what’s NOT working and put IN what’s working. That’s energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. On every level – this helps you create a space, a vortex if you will, that allows more of what you want in your life. (In conjunction with our entire process here!)

If you’re like so many others, myself included, you’ve got too much on your plate. You might take on more than you need to, including taking on responsibility for others’ lives, emotions, or tasks.

Today, we’re going to work on that. In the name of creating space in your life, and creating an energetic vacuum to draw in more of what you do want, we are going to lighten your load. Sound good?

Today’s work – you get delegate something. A task, a job, a detail that you’ve been carrying, gets to be delegated.

Now, delegation is not about “offing stuff” onto someone else. Try not to come from this place. It’s about asking for what you need, and in some cases matching strengths with tasks and responsibility.


– Look at what you’ve been doing/carrying/cleaning up that’s not yours. Give it back to its owner. And that means emotional and physical life issues/jobs.

– If someone in your life is more talented that you are at a certain thing, and they enjoy it, ask for assistance.

– If you’re the boss, and you’ve been holding back giving other responsibility because you like to control every little detail, get over it. You’re a visionary. Delegate.

– Got kids? Teach them about teamwork by delegating responsibilities.

– Hire help (or barter with someone if you’re not in money flow just yet!) and do it in the name of self-love.


Sometimes you create great space in delegating the smallest of details. If you have a hard time with this, ask WHY, and give yourself permission to receive and ask for what you need.

What are you going to delegate? What will you commit to delegating? Write it out.

Let go of the thoughts of what you think people will think. Allow the person you are asking to say yes or no, without personalizing.

(P.S. And what can you delegate to the Universe?)


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