On Failure and Epic Expansion

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Failure. Let’s celebrate it!

At first glance you might not like the feel of today’s work. You might say, “C’mon Lori, the last thing I want to do is talk about all the times I’ve failed in my life.” True. I don’t want you doing that either.

However, it does pay to change your operating system around failure – and from that point reframe what you’ve actually deemed a failure in your life, to something that serves you.

The truth is, you’re the only one who holds anything in your experience as a failure.

We hold deep shame for our failures. We hide them. We speak badly about ourselves because of them. Sometimes we laugh and say “Well that was an EPIC FAIL” – but truth be told it was an EPIC EXPANSION.

That marriage that didn’t turn out? Experience. That business venture that seemed to fall short – just an experiment. And the real truth is – all of these experiences you’ve had over your life – have expanded you.

So today, you get the work of identifying where you’ve kept yourself small, where you’ve shamed yourself, where you held yourself in negative thought because you “FAILED” – and making a choice to assign, reframe, or tag the experience as an epic expansion. This is the only way to view any failure. It’s an epic expansion of you. And that my dear friends, needs celebrating.

So, from this point looking back, and from this point looking forward – you will only have epic expansions. Of who you are, of your life. Of who you are becoming. To hold your experiences as anything less is the only real failure (if I could muster a belief in it).

Today, let’s take a look at your life and find all of your epic expansions, shall we?

Chances are you know the ones. Notice how it has changed you for the better. Notice who you’re becoming. Notice what you learned, and what you know now. Look at this epic expansion in your life through the eyes of your Inner Being; what would she/he see? Would she/he see you getting up to speed with who you truly are? Would she/he see you on the awesome RIDE of a life, enjoying every juicy epic moment?

Now, choose to celebrate, for there are no failures!

Write this: Failure is an illusion. My life is filled with EPIC EXPANSIONS – big and small. My best epic expansion is XYZ. Here’s how I expanded because of it… XYZ.

Celebrate the experience you had, the experiment it was, and who you became because of it.

(And here’s an additional exercise– ask you Inner Being to show you a before and after pic of your expansion after your epic experience – what do you see?) Now write that.

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