Ferocious Wanters Wanted

Are you a ferocious wanter? Are you one fire with desire?

Today, give yourself permission to want what you want. Fully. It’s okay. It’s wonderful actually. Full on, cell sparking, electrifying desire.

Often times we “turn off” desire, or tone it down, or we stop “really” wanting because the feeling of “not getting” is disappointing. It’s self-protection at its best.

I’m here to say, stop numbing out the wanting, the dreams and the desires. There is nothing to fear, or protect yourself from. You get to want what you want, trust in divine time and stand in your power.

Sound good?

When you don’t allow yourself to have that want, be on fire with wanting it, if you snuff that out, you are not a match to the big dream, or you’re limitlessness.

There is a balance between detaching from the outcome, and being a ferocious wanter. In fact, I think you can be in both places at the same time, although at first glance it may seem that you can’t.

When you are detaching from the outcome you stand in total belief of your limitlessness. You’re not attached, and you do not judge how it will come. You hold that dream of yours dear, and you trust so much you don’t choke off the dream. From this place, you get complete and total permission to want what you want.

Write: I give myself permission to want what I want, fully, unabashedly and without reserve. Bring it on! I want XYZ and I LOVE wanting it and love the feeling of the desire zipping through every cell of my body!” (OR of course, your rendition, do it your way!)


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