Got Money Beliefs?

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Let’s talk about MONEY, baby. Truth is, many of us have a love/hate relationship with it. We truly have good experiences and love for money, and what it represents, what it flows to us, what we can offer the world through it – yet we carry deeper root thoughts that don’t serve us (and that get passed down generation to generation).

Keep what’s working for you in regard to your money beliefs – but let’s take a look at what’s not working.

Some of these thoughts are threaded through our cultures:

– Money is bad.

– Money is the root of all evil.

– Money doesn’t grow on trees.

– There’s never enough.

– You have to spend it to make it.

– The notion of being “filthy rich.”

– Gotta work hard, fingers to the bone, for it.

I just want to say – those are LIES. (Okay, money may not officially grow on trees, but like leaves, there is certainly enough to go around.)

I want to give you permission to not believe those things anymore, regardless of what you were taught, what was passed down to you, or what you experienced.

What then to believe? The opposite. We really make this harder than need be. You need to stay conscious and believe the opposite.

– Money is good.

– Money is energy and energy is love, so money is love.

– Money is abundant like leaves on a tree.

– There’s always enough.

– I love the way money flows in and out of my life.

– Money is energy – it’s pure and clean and rich.

– Got to be a match for money – intuitive, connected, worthy, allowing, focused, joyful, passionate etc.

Today, wear these money beliefs. Better yet, write a new operating system. “Money is, XYZ… ” Don’t hold back.


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