#Hashtag Grateful

Your Facebook news feed might look like mine…and it’s lovely.  It gives me the warm fuzzies + reminds me of the power of appreciation + gratitude.  Not just at Thanksgiving.  But ALL the time.

And you know what — it’s a very significant piece of the puzzle when it comes to manifesting your BEST life.  It’s not shocking that deep appreciation is a match to your highest creative power.  It’s LOVE.

So, many people have been on a gratitude romp for the days of November…each day posting with sincerity what they are grateful + thankful for.   Amazing.  People are SEEKING goodness, and creating it…right in that very moment.

One person said, “So, all I have to do is say the things I’m grateful for and my day turns out awesome?!”  And he was being a little funny — but in truth, that’s how it goes…what you focus on grows.

A further search brings me to tears actually.  And unexpectedly.  That would be a search for:  #blessed +  #thankful, #grateful.   (for those of you who don’t do hashtags (#), it’s ok.  Just a way to search conversation on Facebook or tag something important to you)

But check this out…here’s what Facebook delivered to ME when I put my attention on it. And as  a result several deep layers of gratitude were born within.

~ “There is no better feeling in the world. #Honored to be a #father and #blessed with my three #sons~ “My mom had her 2nd stroke yesterday and I am so grateful to GOD that she is STILL HERE 2 talk about it!!! #LIVING_TESTIMONY #BLESSED #SURVIVOR~ Y’all my neighborhood is great with yards being racked and blown all the time. But this sight made me stop with its beauty look at that blanket of gold on the yard. #thankful

~ Shout out to all the #soldiers sacrificing time with family in order to serve our country during the holidays.

~ Woke up this beautiful feeling good but most important #Thankful for another day

~ My son gives his sister the gift of life! #kidneytransplant — at UCSF Medical Center.

~ This life is beautiful #thankful

~ Morning sunrise in the forest from my window. Have a great day. #thankful

~ Sometimes life makes you bitter and gives you heartache but regardless there are times that you have to put all your differences aside and become friends especially in the eyes of your children… Been a Great day #thankful#forgiveness

~ Feeling grateful for my backyard. #nofilter #greatsunday #grateful

~ It always seems impossible until it’s done…

~ Awake at 5am Sunday. It will be a busy Thanksgiving week, with some major changes rolling in, to be capped by a weekend off. Thanksgiving came in early Thank you for the warmth and familiar love of old friendships. And thank you for friends who usher changes in your life.

Truly the universe delivers when it says it will. #grateful #loveinsmalldoses

I’m overwhelmed with joy + gratitude + love + appreciation + chills.  How can you NOT be?
Can you feel the power of the ENERGY of that which you focus on?

It just takes a little focus to shift a BIG energy.

Let’s take it to the next level.  What do you think might happen if you got out your journal right now and wrote:


 AND then followed it up with a journal entry…exactly why you appreciate yourself?

It’s one of the hardest things to do — and yet one of the most expansive.  Do NOT leave yourself out this Thanksgiving… or any day.  It is life changing.  In fact, this very art lines you up with your most powerful self.

If you’ve got blocks here… for example it feels “weird” to love yourself, you feel like you can’t come up with anything, or you just can’t believe what you’re writing down — don’t worry.  Just stay consistent.

Do this daily for THIRTY days…and when you do…and when a miracle happens, email me with your story.  I’d love to hear it.  And yes…there WILL be one, and maybe MANY if you allow it.

Self love is a direct route to success, happiness…health, wealth… whatever you’re wanting.
So while you’re in gratitude + appreciation — don’t forget YOU.

Here’s to creating your personal heaven…hashtag style.

Love to you!