Hold That Thought!

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Have you ever been right in the middle of a conversation with someone who said – “HOLD THAT THOUGHT”! At first, you might find the interruption rude (whether they took another call, answered the doorbell, or needed to let the dog out), but you notice how easily you’re able to pick up the conversation right where you left it. You literally held the thought, and kept going.

How long have you “held the thought” for? We often underestimate our abilities to do so, especially when it comes down to being a conscious creator. I hear my clients say, “It’s so hard to hold good thoughts. Or – “My good thoughts are always interrupted.” Or – “I’m terrible and holding thoughts and visioning my life.”

Truth is, we are holding thoughts all the time. It’s in part how your reality is created, because thoughts create feelings, which create energy, which creates your world.

The CHOICE of your thought is the crux of the matter!

Consider this.

You’re in conversation with the Universe 24/7, and she’s saying to you, “Hey, if you want to create an amazing life – Hold that thought!”

And you’ve got the choice at any given moment to create a thought, hold it, create a feeling, create energy and thus create your world. In fact, the Universe offers you opportunities all day long to hold thoughts that will serve your life. Will you take them?

So today, hold that thought. Any thought, of anything you desire. Love, money, body, health, joy, passion, healing, travel, laughter – you name it. Just hold the thought.

And one really good way of holding a thought is by writing it. Below, describe in beautiful detail your desire – and practice daily holding thoughts that are a reflection of what you desire through your day.


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