How To NOT Lose Yourself In Holiday Stress

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You might not believe this if I told you so — but there was a holiday season when I got so caught up in the “have to’s”, so immersed in the getting it all done, so maxed out, toppled over + stressed completely out — I broke out in shingles.

Yes, shingles.  Great.

It was far from a pretty sight…to waltz into all the Christmas parties looking like I’d been hit by a truck. And I was far from comfortable.

This was NOT a funny story at the time, but now I can laugh at myself…the perfect imperfection of it all, and know I had work to do — on the inside.

That year was the year of simplification.  That year,not one card was sent, not one batch of chocolate candies delivered.  It was just me, getting very clear on what was important.  The kids.  The joy.  The togetherness.  The reason for the season.

SO — while you may not have broke out in shingles on your face : ) you might might know the holiday stress I’m talking about.  And you’ve got to NOT lose yourself in the holidays.  It’s imperative to your well-being.

In fact — it’s a time for  finding yourself + connecting.

YES,  it’s pretty easy to get out of alignment during the holidays, and today I’m going to give you some awesome tips on how to stay in alignment with YOU — so you don’t have to spend weeks recovering —  emotionally, spiritually and physically.

7  Tips To Stay In Alignment During the Holidays


1.  Slow down.  If it the holidays are starting to feel like a race — remember you have the choice to slow down.  Turn your attention inward, take a deep breath, and choose your speed. You can have it be an exhausting, adrenaline filled race — or a nice, slow enjoyable string of moments.  You can choose to make it stress-less and even stress free.

2.  Ask, how do I want to create this day?  Upon rising…ask yourself this simple question.  Have you thought truly what you want this day, week or month to look like?  (don’t beat yourself up for not asking sooner, meet yourself where you are at!)   Even more so, how do you want this day to FEEL, and what thoughts do you need to engage in to create that?

3.  Remember to give to you.   It’s the season of giving and receiving…but have you given to you?  And, I don’t mean presents.  It what ways have you NOT loved yourself this season, and how are you willing to change that?   What expectations did you have for yourself that were less that loving?  You can turn that around NOW, if you choose.  In choosing so — that in itself is a gift.

4.  Surround yourself with protection and glowing boundaries Did you know…when you consciously set boundaries from within — you rarely have to enforce them with others on the outside?  In other words, have clarity on what your boundaries are, and you’ll find other respecting them.  If you fee the need to have a little extra protection from others energy around you, remember YOU can set the tone.  Surrounding yourself in a little white light is beautiful too. (and no, not Christmas lights!) Ha.

5.   Give up perfectionism.  Now, that’s good advice for life… just remember things don’t have to be perfect.  Ever.  Just make sure you’ve got the same color shoes on, and you’ll be fine.

6.  Simplify This is my personal mantra — especially during the holidays.  What could you give up?  What would make your life easier?  What are you doing that feels like an obligation or a have to?  Remember that giving from the space of obligation, resentment or “have to’s” really isn’t a gift at all — and it’s a take away from YOU.

7.  Remember what it’s about.  I will let you fill in what this means for you — and get back to THAT.

Love love love to you!