How Can I Become A Better Manifestor?

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As a coach, this is one of the questions I get asked the most….”Lori, how do I become a better manifestor?”  Or, “How do I get the Law of Attraction to work for me?”

A Word About “Better”…

First off, I want to bring your attention to the word “better”. We all want to get better, experience improvement, and expansion.  It’s part of the upspiral and evolution of our life.

So, nothing wrong with that!
We are expansion seekers…in our personal + business lives.

However, if you find yourself wishing you were a “better” manifestor, or “better” at creating more green back – it is important recognize the dominant feeling  behind those thoughts.

If it feels like YOU, standing in the place you are, observing what you are not, and noticing that you are (once again) not good enough,  or don’t have enough — then you thoughts could use some fine tuning.

Do I help you become a “better manifestor”?  Sure, you bet.   I just want to call your attention to the energy you hold around it.  Is it an energy of self judgment + not enough-ness — or an energy of expansion + desire?

Instead of saying “I need to become a better manifestor” — try this on:

“I want to create more of what I want.”

It’s subtle, but within that lives a beautiful shift toward aligning with your desires, your intentions, and the love you are.

And, to top it off, you are an awesome manifestor. You were born an awesome manifestor – no training required.

The place where we all need  fine tuning is the  alignment work + aligning with your highest self.

 I’ve got some questions I want you to think about.

Sometimes you are in your own way, so much so that you can’t do anything but align with the struggle. So, here are some questions to help you step into the place of willingness and personal responsibility… and that will help you create more of what you want.

You’ll look back in in a moment and with relief and say – “Wow, I just became a better manifestor!” LOL… in the spirit of forward motion of course!

Ask yourself 7 Creation Questions…

1. Am I willing to know my true self?
When you connect and know your true self you are in alignment with Source energy, and what can Source not do?

2. Am I willing to let go of what’s not working?
Weed the garden. More flowers will bloom. It’s law.

3. Am I willing to allow myself total clarity?
You know what you want, and be certain. You might say, I’m not sure what I want… however even the whisper of a feeling is an enough place to start! Ask for clarity, you shall receive.

4. Am I willing to stand in hope and positive expectation?
You get what you expect, believe and activate in your energy. Where are you focused, toward hope or away from it?

5. Am I willing to pay attention?
What are you “tending” to? What you focus on grows, and it’s time to pay attention to what you’ve got going on in your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

6. Am I willing to take action?
Inspired action moves heaps of energy! Are you willing to follow the signs?

7. Am I willing to play?
An attitude and energy of play is a direct energetic match to manifestation, and the unraveling of divine and synchronistic events!

So, how many of these questions did you say YES to?  Assuming you said YES to all 7 questions (because at a core level this is who we are)  go get creating your life as you desire!

If you didn’t answer YES to all 7, no worries.  Just lean into your alignment.  Lean into what’s possible for you…. it simply starts right here.