How to Create More Momentum

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Today, it’s about our beautiful friend, MOMENTUM.

She is an unending, flowing river – a joyful-bursting- ever-increasing-speed lovin’-energy – and she thrives in your life when you, yourself choose ease and appreciation and enthusiasm and spontaneity.

And, by the way, when you notice her – she gets faster! Want more momentum in your life? Let’s explore.

First, I have a couple questions or you. Feel into this:
– Are you, yourself, a match to the feeling of momentum? In other words, is where you are focused a match to ease, and appreciation and enthusiasm and spontaneity? Where are you focused?

– Are you fearful, or are you basking in the energy of freedom (whether you think you have it or not.) The feeling of freedom is a match to beautiful momentum!

– Are you allowing yourself to take inspired action? Are allowing yourself to tap into what excites you right now, in this moment – and do that? Are you allowing the river to carry you?


Today, there are choices to be made:

Step 1: Your first priority is to simply notice. Notice right now, where there is momentum in your life. Write it down. (Notice, have you been neglecting the areas of your life where there is momentum, and perhaps even magic?) Time to acknowledge it!

Step 2: Do something crazy and spontaneous and inspired. Just because you can. (What will that be? (You can choose to make it up!)

Step 3: Choose to stand in appreciation, and then notice what feels like ease to you. Two very powerful places.

Now, write and reflect. What’s your experience? What comes up for you? What does this feel like? Tune in, what are you a vibrational match to?

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