How to Shift a Manifestational Standstill

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that
the necessary may speak.” ~ Hans Hofmann

Now, the truth is, you are always manifesting.  Even if you are manifesting the “same” thing, you are always manifesting.   There really is no such thing as a standstill, but your ego definitely might resonate with that experience.

So, this article is really about the FEELING of having a manifestational standstill.  Now that we are clear, let’s chat.

I will never forget the day that I learned about the benefits of  simplicity – a light bulb literally went off in my head.   I was on a class with one of my mentors, Thomas Leonard,  ~ who said “SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING”.

He said, when you simplify your life, clean up your clutter, and create more space in your mind and life ~ you’ll create more flow.

Hence, manifestation and flow can be created by practicing the art of simplification.  So true.

He didn’t use the words, “manifest” back then, or even “create your reality” ~ but I got it.  The universe abhors a vacuum.

And… here was my thought process… “So, if I simplify, I free up energy, I’ll create more space, and I’ll become super conductive for the things I really want?”   Pause, pause pause… Ok, done.

Off to clear out a closet… and that is just for starters.

Here’s what you need to remember… everything is energy, and again,  the universe abhors a vacuum.

So, when you clear a space – physically, emotionally, spiritually ~ the universe fills it back up, and here’s the clincher ~ it responds to what you are feeling, vibrating and intending.  It’s called “creating a vacuum.”

And as the old saying goes, the Universe abhors a vacuum.

If you ever wanted to shift the experience of your “manifestational standstill” (you know, when nothing is changing, you feel stuck, and you are recreating the same old life) while there are of course other places to go…start here.

So – I don’t recommend that you simplify your life and focus on all the chaos you once had. I do however, recommend simplifying your life and focusing on opportunity, and possibility, and living up to the greatness that is you… focusing on your worth, your inner being, and the love that resides within, the love that you be.

If you can’t get there, just enjoy your space, breathe easy, and love clarifying on all levels.

I recommend from this new clear space that you ~ give yourself permission to live bigger, dream up dreams you haven’t let yourself before, and expect them. When the time comes to clear the space and do it all over again, you will, and you can say goodbye to being stuck ~ and hello to flow.

Remember, energy in motions tends to stay in motion.  Keep that one close at hand and as you “consciously create” your life, know that energy moves quicker in a clear space, and you also have the room you need to attract new opportunity.

So here are some quick tips to get you started! 

1.  Focus on what’s working and keep it.

2.  Evaluate what’s not working, and ~ let it go.

3.  Delegate stuff… errands, house cleaning, get a VA.

4.  De-clutter… what are you holding on to that you don’t want or need?

5.  De-clutter… what are you holding onto that’s literally holding you back?

6.  Evaluate how hard you are “trying” – are you burning up your energy and resistance?  Or, and you opening your energy, creating a place of flow and expansion?

7.  Where could you practice alignment vs effort and get more results?  (umm, most places!)

8.   How could clean up your thinking?  This is the big one… what beliefs, thoughts, and energy could you shift about yourself, the world or your life?  What’s standing between you and the abundance you so desperately crave?

9.  Pick one thing to simplify or de-clutter or clear… a closet, a project, an event, a have to, or even a thought!  Do it right now — the choice to simplify and create life from a clarity is a first step in itself.  🙂

10.  Keep in mind all clutter is vibrational.  How much do you want to keep?

11.  11.  Use a “creation process” that’s easy, effortless and simple.  Don’t over complicate, just create a vortex of ease around your creation process.  We tend to make law of attraction + conscious creation a difficult task – but all it takes is a little focus + effort.  Learn more about the Guided Group Journey here, where I teach you how to do just that!

So, if you want a little more of what you WANT, then start here ~ and have fun!