How You Do THIS…(is how you’ll do that)

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Congratulations! You’re half way through! Which makes it a perfect “check point day.”

Here’s, what I know to be true: how you do anything, is how you do everything. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. The way you see something is the way you see everything.

So, take a peek. Not from a place of judgment, or criticism. But how are you playing the game of manifestation? Of conscious creation? Of life? Of the M100?

Are you all in? Playing from the side-lines? Do you struggle with commitment to yourself?

Do you have beliefs/blocks that get in your way?

For example: Don’t have time, it’s too much, I’m afraid of creating what I want, I’ll never create the big stuff, it takes too long, I don’t believe it works anyway, it’s too airy fairy, I don’t have the energy, it’s not happening so why try?

So, I’ll be honest with you. The 100 days was for you – and originally the 100 videos were for me (and you too, of course) but the 100 videos is my commitment to myself. I had a huge block around willingness to be seen, which greatly effects how I played my game, and the light I allow myself to bring the world. You see, it’s so much easier to hide behind my wonderful clients.

So, I’m resetting my belief system and my patterns around it. It’s day 50 – and while creating these videos my ego noticed that I’m “only” half way through. So, while better, know that new habits, beliefs and patterns take time. Even for coaches, who’ve been doing the work for 18 years!

This about your one life. What stops do you have? What patterns? Trust me when I say how you do this is how you do that. How you play in life is how you play LIFE.

What comes up for you as you read this? What blocks and beliefs do you have? How are you playing the game? Write this out on the forum or in your journal, awareness in the details is like panning for the most precious gold you can find.

Many of us have the same stuck places. This is about choosing self-honesty, and loving yourself enough to create a new thought based on truth, and a desire to move forward no matter what it takes.

Write it like this: Here’s my big stop…XYZ. And here’s what I’m willing to do… XYZ!

It’s your day 50 check point. BIG LOVE to you! You should be so incredibly proud of yourself.


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