In Too Deep?

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It’s a familiar movie scene.  A guy is flailing about in the lake, yelling —

“Help, help, help!  I can’t swim, I’m drowning!”

Bystanders chuckle for a moment and then yell – “STAND UP!”

Yep, he was in just 3 feet of water — and didn’t even know it.

The ah-ha moment is upon him…and while he is embarrassed – he’s now got 2 feet on the ground, standing tall (albeit knee deep)  and in appreciation for the help.

Potentially by this time he’s even having a chuckle at himself.

Here’s the thing — it felt bottomless.  He felt helpless, and was panicked.

His feelings are valid, but the guidance and perspective from the shores did him wonders, didn’t it? (always good when your people have your back!)

This little metaphor is perfect for your LIFE.

You see, we all struggle.  We all have limited perception.  We all can benefit from guidance and support.

And with that said…we all have the opportunity to STAND UP, away from our limited thinking, beliefs and actions at any time we choose.

You see it’s all about perception, and because you’ve got free will — you get to choose it.

You see, in life the “bottom” of that lake or pool appears the  minute you shift your focus + attention.

What does it take?  Willingness.  Consciousness. Openness. Action. 

So let’s look at the many ways in which you might feel like you are drowning in your life:
(You might even use these phrases)…

I’m drowning in overwhelm.
I’m drowning in paperwork.
I’m drowning in sorrow.
I’m drowning in debt.
I’m drowning in self pity.
I’m drowning in despair.
I’m drowning in ______(fill it in!)

The very language you use, along with the emotion you activate– quite literally holds you there.   You re-create that which you are focused on, whether that is joy or stress or debt.

You choose your depths, don’t you?  You FOCUS creates your PERSPECTIVE.
The question is, are you willing to change it?

So, where in your life do you feel like you are drowning?   And where could you make the choice to quite literally STAND UP – ie. change your perspective, see the light, have the ah-ha moment that sets you free?

Let me give you a couple pointers here:

1.  Stop the struggle.  You know, you struggle more than you need to. Ready to give that up? It’s time to relax into life and stop struggling or fighting to survive.  All is well — really.

2.  Fine Tune Your Depth Perception.  Have you looked down recently? Not only is the experience of deep (in anything) different from person to person — Ask yourself — “What might change, if I changed the way I see it?

3.  Put Yourself First.  The struggle, and the skews in your perception often occur because you’re worth needs a tune up.
 Love comes from within, and love is who you are — and when you’ve got too much focus outside outside of yourself, you can’t see the wisdom and truth that is right in front of you.

To create this clarity, you’ve got to do your worth homework.

That’s one more reason I created Wake Up Love: Rewire Your Worth

I’m calling you from the shoreline, right now…Where in your life could you choose to STAND UP right now?   Leave me a comment below, love to hear from you.

Love to you,