Infinite Do-Overs (you get ’em!)

Standing in the middle of the backyard, holding possibility in my hand,  I wound back to pitch a long rolling ball to my little brother.

As it left my finger tips I knew it was far from perfect, far from smooth + straight.  I’m cringing. I quickly flushed with embarrassment as the neighbor boy heckled my “girl skills”.

That ball bounced a few times, veered off to the left + barely got to my younger + much smaller opponent.  The feeling inside was sinking.  Never good enough.  One more reason I’d be picked last for teams next time — always am.

But I learned something empowering in the very next moment.

Someone from the other team angrily yelled, “DO OVER!!!”.

That’s right.  My brother the kicker was about to get a “do-over” because my pitch was so bad — but the truth was, I got a do over too.

Still embarrassed but shining inside.  I got another chance to try it again.  Another chance to do it well, right +good.  Another chance to create it the way I wanted.  Another chance to FOCUS my thoughts + stand behind my belief in myself.

Thank God for do-over’s I thought.

With the ball back in hand, I rolled out my “do-over”.  I can still here the prickly crunch of the grass as the ball rolled down the invisible alley to my brother’s little foot.  It was fast…straight…and fired by the fury of my embarrassment — but none the less, it got there.

Hmmm, and just as I saw it happening in my mind’s eye!!!   (my first lesson in conscious creation)

And wouldn’t you know it — he kicked that ball.  It popped up into the air.  And I caught it.  The girl who was deemed pitcher because the outfield was for the good ones + I could never catch anything.  Or get anyone out.

Miracles do happen, but this is about me.

Point is….in life you get DO-OVER’S too.  In fact you get an infinite amount of them.  You can do-over anything you like, as often as you like + until you get it the way you want.  Until you fine tune so much that what you are creating is in perfect sych with your most powerful self.

The question is — how do you want it?  How do you want your life to look?  Your business to look?

You know, you think about 60,000 thoughts a day.  You’ve got chance upon chance to do-over your thinking.  To stop playing small, to get in alignment with your worth + to attract the version of the life you want.

You get do-over’s!  Isn’t that awesome to know?!  Isn’t that empowering?

How do you do a do-over?  Couple thoughts:

– think different thinking
– choose to feel differently
– stand in your worth
–  try again
–  don’t settle
–  operate from “anything is possible”
–  hit your inner “refresh” button
–  claim it:  I get a do-over!
–  in fact, I get infinite do-overs.

There is POWER in thinking this way.  It’s a match to unlimited power + abundance.  It’s steeped in possibility + forward thinking.  Can you feel that?   Shifts in your thinking create shifts in your life.

So, think about your life right now.  You’re thoughts, your emotions, your way.  What would you choose to do-ver to get in alignment with what you want?  To become who you want to become?  To attract + be a match to your wildest dreams?

Have fun with this… you get infinite do-over’s + anything you want is possible.