Intention Setting, Creating + Casting (the Halloween Special!)

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HEY!  Happy Halloween… I really loooove this time of year, so in the spirit of the spook + witches + spells — I thought I’d write this article.  Of course, with a spin that goes beyond tricks ‘n treats — but right into the heart of creating your reality.


You’ve already been setting intentions forever, did you know that?

You have.  Even if you were not conscious of it.

You’ve experienced what you don’t want…thought about what you DO want ~ and in that very moment a new intention for your life has been created.

It’s literally born out of you, right from your challenges. It can be that easy.

If you would like however, you can be more deliberate and more conscious about HOW you set those intentions.

You can tend to them, nurture them, evolve them and allow them to unfold from a more “aligned” you…if you choose it!

You can talk about “intention” in many ways actually.  There are many “cousins” to the practice of intention setting including prayer, visualizing, vision boarding, wish listing, mind mapping, and yep even spell casting.

There IS indeed a common thread among these practices, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are.  So open your mind and your heart. It’s all good and we are all divine beings.

I’d like to create an awareness for you —  of what it means to intend for something and allow it to come into your life.

INTENTION… no matter how you practice it, offers you life clarity and direction.  It’s a declaration to the Universe or to your Higher Power that it’s a done deal, and you are stepping up into your place as a co-creator of that very intention.

It’s the direction of your energy. Your resonance. Your vibe.

It’s your job to emotionally line up with that intention, line up with who you are, and watch it unfold.

This is a much different philosophy from the “reality check” method, which requires you to observe what’s around and reactive like crazy to get things done, or make it happen.

This method is softer, easier, and comes with much more authentic power than you can even imagine.

So.  Let’s talk about a few easy ways to activate the power of your intention.

1.  Know it’s a process of becoming, and decide where you you want to go.
Did you know you get to choose?  You do, on all levels of your life.  You can intend for health, and happy relationships and love…. abundance and prosperity as you define it. The house, the cars yes — but more importantly the joyful expansion of who you are.

2.  Be ridiculously clear…or beautifully broad.
That means, be as clear as you can without wobbling in your alignment.  If you would like to intend for more “green back” to flow into your life but can stand behind it because your self worth is not where it should be… go broad.  Intend for abundance that flows easily and effortlessly, in and out… in and out.

3.  Write it, speak it.
There is a great collective consciousness in the word INTENTION.  I suggest you use it, and word your intentions with it.  Once you’ve written them down…read them out loud to yourself, a friend, or your coach ~ or someone who really knows how focus with you for the highest good for yourself and others.

4.  Pay attention to how you are feeling.
You wobble.  You ping pong.  Sometimes your feelings change day to day based on what’s going on in that mind of yours.  So, if you are feeling like you can’t stand behind an intention — shift and up-spiral your thoughts, and don’t wait.  Tend to “you” right away.  It honors your creation process, and honors you.  If you stood behind them once, you can again.

5.  Be wiling to have unwavering commitment.
Your commitment to the process of intention setting, and creating your reality is of utmost importance.  You can’t start and stop your process and wonder why “it’s not working”.   Are you committed?  Are you following through? Are you paying attention to how your feeling and getting alignment with what you want, and more importantly who you ARE?  This is tough love.  But if you want more out of life, you’ve got to commit to you.

6.   Tune into feeling inspired, and take action!
So, intentions WILL begin to unfold.  They will, I can promise you that.  Yes, there are more pieces to the puzzle than just this, however this step can not be overlooked!!   When those intentions start to unfold, you will be presented with opportunities to take action.  You won’t win the lotto by sitting on the couch eating bon bons, you’ve got to buy a ticket!   Where have you been feeling inspired lately?  Pay close attention and follow your heart.

7.  Fine tune and tweak, rinse and repeat!
Intentions expand, as they will.  You might find yourself outgrowing them.  If so, fine tune those intentions. Reword them so they are in alignment with where you are, what you have created, and who you are becoming.